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Setting up a garden in a hostile environment is not easy, but quite possible, provided you take some precautions. Thus, it is possible to create a beautiful garden in a rather arid and dry environment. As the problem is at the level of lack of water, it is necessary to be very careful with watering while making sure to minimize the loss of moisture.

How to build a garden in an arid / dry environment?

How to build a garden in an arid / dry environment?

Choose plants that are drought resistant

In one arid environment where the sun is very present and the soil rather dry, it is essential to bet on resistant species, more specifically, it is advisable to turn to the perennials. Mediterranean plants are particularly adapted and bring a sweet fragrance to the garden, this is particularly the case of oregano, lavender or thyme that smells good scrubland.

We can also bring colors thanks to plants the following: bottle rinses, red-flowered shrubs with original shapes, cistus with sunny flowers, Daphne leaf bindweed, garden coronilla and pale yellow flowers, juniper-leafed greyvillea and beautiful red flowers which flourish in spring and winter...

On the vegetable sideThere are several varieties that can flourish in an arid environment. This is the case of bulbous and tuberous species such as onions, asparagus, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and garlic.

It is therefore entirely possible to build a garden in a dry and arid environment and even to enjoy a beautiful space of colors and scents.

Water at the right time

In an arid environment, watering is essential for the plants to flourish well, despite the difficult conditions. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to water all the time, throughout the year, even if the soil is dry. It is mostly growing seedlings and plants that have the most need water.

As for the watering itself, it is done in the morning in spring and autumn and rather to the end of the afternoon during the summer season, the goal being avoid evaporation of water. The ideal is to adopt a drip irrigation system or an integrated watering system with programming. The use of a watering can still be considered, but it is better to water occasionally, but generous.

Hoeing and mulching

Hoeing and mulching are essential operations in a garden in an arid environment. Regularly, it is necessary to hoe the ground, operation of slightly scraping the ground surface to optimize the flow of water that can then reach the roots more easily. In the case of mulching, this method consists of covering the soil with materials of mineral or vegetable origin (straw but also pine bark, fern or mowing lawn...).

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