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Having a balcony when you live in an apartment is always nice. But in older buildings, balconies are often long and narrow (several meters long for one to two meters wide). How to develop this space to make it user-friendly and be able to enjoy it on sunny days?

How to build a narrow balcony?

How to build a narrow balcony?

Dress the floor of a narrow balcony to structure the space

A balcony running along a facade is common to several rooms of the apartment. Take advantage of this layout to structure the space and avoid the corridor effect.

Thus, facing the kitchen or the dining room, create the dining area with a small table and some chairs adapted to the space. Delimit this area with a specific floor covering. Keep the tiles if there is one already and it is in good condition. Or, cover the floor with slabs of wood or composite material.

Extend the living room or bedroom on the outside with the development of the relaxation area with one or two deckchairs. Dress the artificial grass or wooden floor if you have not used them for the dining area. For a moment of complete relaxation, make sure that this flooring is soft to your bare feet...

If your balcony is integrated into the front of the building and has a ceiling, paint it in white satin. Your balcony and adjoining rooms will be brighter.

Choosing suitable furniture for the long, narrow balcony

Before buying furniture, make sure you take the measurements of your balcony and draw a plan. Opt for folding furniture that you can go out or store according to your needs.

For the dining area, take one or two small square tables, (possibly a rectangular or semicircular table) and some chairs or stools. Place the table directly against the railing especially if you have an unobstructed view. Or, even better, choose a folding table to hang directly on the guardrail.

Arrange deckchairs or chilean in the corner reserved for the relaxation. If you do not have room, install a bench against the wall. Possibly in this area, fit the entire width of the bottom of the balcony with a comfortable bench. You can even make it yourself, using pallets. You find on the internet, explanatory tutorials very well done.

But a balcony without plants, it would be like a cake without cherry! To dress your green walls, the ideal is the green wall or climbing plants installed in narrow planters.
Installed in a tray with mesh pushed against the guardrail, they can also protect you from the neighborhood. A planted bamboo tray is also an elegant solution.
To decorate the railing, choose pots or planters riders to place astride the railing.

Choose your decor for a narrow balcony

Depending on the colors and accessories you choose, you can make your balcony, a clean place for rest, a colorful place open to the world, a lush green area, etc. Whatever your choice, choose a style unit that is also in tune with your interior. Avoid the mixing of genres.

For the evening, use dim lighting. Embellish the decor of LED lights, not to mention the candles and candles.

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