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Tips for choosing a property to buy

Buying a house or an apartment is a very important act that commits for decades, if not for a lifetime. Through its site the QUALITEL Association has developed a valuable tour guide to prepare the acquisition of real estate, including with the help of real check-lists for visits to a house or house. 'a flat. You can find a lot of advice to avoid falling into the trap of the famous "heart stroke" that can bitterly regret later. Examination of the environment, common parts, sensitive points piece by piece, control of the financial commitment of the condominium in the collective, appreciation of the tax of the property, energy quality of construction are among the elements that you will be encouraged to check before you commit.

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The QUALITEL Association is the only non-profit association, totally independent and committed to the quality and performance of new or existing housing for more than 40 years.

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