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Insulating hot and cold water pipes protects them from frost. Adapted to the most common diameters, foam insulation sleeves also provide an effective defense against heat loss. Easy !

Caulking hot water pipes

put insulating foam sleeves on the pipes

Foam insulation sleeves are easily found in DIY superstores.
Ready to install, simply cut to size.

pipe insulation: bypassing obstacles

At the retaining clips, make a small incision on the side of the sleeve with the blade of a cutter.
The "ear" of the necklace will be housed there without compromising the insulation.

plumbing foam insulation: the elbows

The treatment of the elbows is not difficult with a double incision at 45°.

cut insulation foam sleeves for plumbing

Foam sleeves cut easily with any cutter.

cutting foam sleeves to insulate pipes

For taps, cut the main sleeve mid-thickness at a 90° angle.
Then cut, in the same way, the end of the one of the derivation.

no thermal break in the insulation of plumbing pipes

Bring the second sleeve into contact with the first by embedding the male and female parts.
The thermal insulation is thus ensured without any risk of rupture.

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