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Would you consider buying an air freshener? How to choose the model that you need and how to use it to the best advantage of its beneficial freshness?

Choosing the right air freshener

In the trade you can buy different models of air cooler with different capacities and design. Standard models are on wheels. But you also find mini coolers on battery that you can install anywhere from the office to the campsite.

To properly choose your air freshener, you must consider a number of criteria:

  • The surface of the room to be cooled: the cooler must have enough power to cool the ambient air. An air freshener is really effective up to 30 m².
  • The capacity water tank: the bigger it is, the more autonomous your device will be. Check its accessibility and if it has an ice cube tray. The colder the water, the cooler the air will be.
  • Air flow and power fan speed: the higher the air flow rate, the better the cooling of the air. Preferably choose a device with different fan speeds to suit your needs. Some models propose to simulate the breath of the wind and / or a silent mode for the night.
  • The noise: be particularly attentive to the number of decibels produced by the device in operation.
  • The options: according to the models you find functions filtration, ionization and humidification of the air. It's up to you to see what interests you. The presence of a timer and a remote control are most appreciated everyday.
  • MobilityIf you plan to put your cooler in different rooms, check that you can move it without any problem.

Install his air freshener

You just bought an air freshener, nothing easier than to put it in function. Just fill the water tray and plug it into an electrical outlet. Then you have to familiarize yourself with the different ventilation speeds and options.

An air freshener should always be put on a flat surface and far from a source of heat. Do not direct the airflow directly to a wall or furniture. They could be damaged by moisture. For optimal cooling, regularly check the water level of the tank. Fill it in respecting the minimum and maximum levels and possibly placing ice cubes in the ice bin.

Remember to ventilate the room so that it is not saturated with moisture. Too much moisture affects the performance of the cooler. And do not ask him what he can not do. In case of very strong heat, it will give you more a feeling of freshness that he will not be able to lower the temperature by several degrees.
When moving the unit, be careful not to overflow the tank.

Maintain his air freshener

To continue to be effective the cooler requires a minimum of maintenance. But nothing complicated that you can not achieve yourself. Before any intervention on the device, remember to unplug it.

  • Maintenance of the humidification pad: clean it regularly at least once a month. If the water you use is very calcareous, it will somehow calcify and lose in yield. Depending on the hardness of the water, you may need to change it more often. Never let it soak in the water tray when you are no longer using the appliance as it may cause mold.
  • Maintenance of the water tankIt should be cleaned regularly and drained when you are not using the cooler for a few days, let alone after the summer season. If it is scaled, use a little white vinegar to clean it and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Air filter maintenance: Vacuum the dust regularly. At the end of the summer season, rinse with lukewarm water and let it dry before putting it back in place.
  • Maintain the bodywork: Dust it regularly and remove any stains with a damp sponge.

Good to know: a used air freshener must be taken to a waste disposal site for recycling.

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