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How to choose and use a steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners clean without any chemicals. They can be used almost everywhere. In the bathroom as in the kitchen or living room, they eliminate almost all current bacteria that can be found on hard surfaces. The power of steam and various accessories allow deep cleaning of faucets, tiles, worktops.

Choosing a Kärcher steam cleaner as needed?

  • SC 5 - The most powerful. It eliminates the most stubborn dirt thanks to the VapoHydro function.
  • SC 4 - The most comfortable with its removable tank and Comfort Plus nozzle.
  • SC 3 - The fastest with the shortest heating time.
  • SC 2 - The ideal entry level for floor cleaning.
  • SC 1 - The compact and versatile steam mop.

How to use a steam cleaner?

Cleaning a floor with steam

Cleaning a floor with steam

Floor cleaning
Steam cleaners come with various accessories such as a floor nozzle, tubes and a mop. Just connect the two tubes to the steam handle, and the floor nozzle to previously assembled tubes. Most types of floors can be steam cleaned, however it is not recommended to clean hardwood floors or raw wood with steam. For laminates and laminate flooring, it is recommended to double the windshield to protect the surface.

Using a windscreen

Using a windscreen

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
For cleaning the kitchen, it is possible to use a nozzle "pencil jet", associated with a round brush or a hand nozzle with windshield or a nozzle "power".

Using a round brush

Using a round brush

Different nozzles
The hand-held nozzle, associated with the windscreen, is ideal for degreasing the outside of hoods and ceramic or induction hobs. The "power" nozzle mounted on the pencil jet nozzle makes it easy to strip kitchen or bathroom faucets. The pencil jet nozzle associated with the round brush allows access and cleaning the most inaccessible recesses.

Optional accessories
Steam cleaners are very versatile. They can replace many conventional cleaning tools thanks to many optional accessories:
- the wallpaper stripper makes it easy to take off the wallpapers with steam;
- the steamer is ideal to refresh his clothes and to undo the folds of the shirts;
- some models of steam cleaners are equipped with an iron: the machine becomes a real steam generator.

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