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Once the ground is found, comes the time of construction. A question will then arise: what architectural style to choose? The decision will often depend on a set of criteria such as price, aesthetics, functional abilities, geographical constraints... The advice of a professional is essential to help you combine all these aspects and choose the right structure. your house.

How to choose the architectural style of his house?

How to choose the architectural style of his house?

Architectural style of a house: the choice of aesthetics

Modern, classic, atypical... the architectural styles are very varied. The contemporary design is oriented towards pure forms: large openings, picture windows, economy of ornamentation and industrial deco are the most frequent characteristics. They are very personalized houses where one can give free rein to one's imagination. The general line of the house, the structure of the rooms, the heights... Everything is to invent! The advice of a designer architect and plans in 3D are essential to build his new house in his image.

There are, of course, more traditional architectural models such as the neoclassical style, the Victorian... The roof, the coverings, the windows and the decoration are specific to each style. You can choose ornaments such as pillars, gables, an arbor or pediments.

Of course the chosen architectural style will have a cost more or less important on the amount of the invoice.

Priority to the functional for a house

If your priority is to focus on the practical side, then you have to define the needs. You can, for example, opt for a house on one level. It fits perfectly for people with reduced mobility such as the elderly. It is also easier to heat than a storey house which allows save energy.

In comparison, for the same area, the two-storey house is ideal for families. It allows to divide the part living rooms and bedrooms. For more specific needs, we can choose the structure L. A wing can be reserved for sleeping or to create an extra bathroom, an office, a workshop... But be careful because this type of construction is expensive. This requires earthworks and important foundations, the installation of a roof adapted to the house, the establishment of an internal staircase...

The particularities to take into account for the architecture of your house

The first thing to consider is the rules of urbanization. Depending on where you live, maybe you will have technical or design constraints. It is advisable to inquire with the mayor before choosing the architectural style of his house. These constraints can concern the height of the house, the external aspect, the location, the respect of the distances, the colors...

If you opt for an ecological house you will have to pay attention to a certain number of criteria: materials, shape of the roof, openings, orientation...

By taste, you can also want a typical house in a region such as a mountain chalet, a farmhouse, a farmhouse of Provence, a neo-Breton house, an Alsatian style, a colonial house... Geographical or climatic constraints from one region can enter into account. We do not choose the same architecture by the sea and the mountains.

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