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How to choose a circular saw?

Powerful and efficient, the circular saw is an essential tool for woodworking enthusiasts. With its toothed blade, it allows for sharp and fast cuts over a large length and in various materials. However, to take full advantage of its circular saw, it is still necessary to choose a model adapted to your site. That's why this week DIYDubranche gives you all the keys to buy a circular saw that fully meets your expectations.

The criteria of choice:

The first question to ask yourself before investing in a circular saw is its frequency of use. Indeed, if you have only one need on a specific job, better to opt for rental. In addition for occasional uses, an entry-level model should suffice. However, if you are brought to use it regularly better to opt for a robust and durable high-end model. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that the power of the motor corresponds to your use. Namely, it is necessary to distinguish the power claimed by the tool, in other words the power absorbed by the real power restored by the engine, the useful power. Thus, for a casual handyman 500 Watts will be sufficient enough for a large construction site it is worth a minimum of 1200 Watts useful. On the other hand, the saw should be chosen according to the type of work to be done. Thus for work outdoors or height it is better to opt for a portable saw and possibly wireless. On the other hand, if it is only a matter of making regular and precise cuts in a workshop, you will favor a stationary saw, that is, built into a table. Another element to take into account, the grip of the saw which must be easy to handle especially if it is a portable model. Finally, it is important to take a saw whose blade change is made easily which is far from the case of all models,

The choice of the blade:

In terms of blade for circular saws, the choice is not lacking. Thus, the carbide blades with alternating bevel toothing are the most common as versatile. Indeed, they are suitable for cutting solid wood, panels, melamine, but also for the cutting of raw wood. To know that it is strongly advised to choose a carbide blade with an anti-recoil heel in order to minimize the waste of material and to limit the cutting effort avoiding bumps. In addition, if the wood sawing is likely to contain nails, it is advisable to choose a carbide cut nail blade. As for the steel blades, they are reserved for large-scale projects because they are very robust, but do not allow precise cutting of the wood. Finally, it remains to determine the frequency of the teeth of the blade. If you are cutting wood in the wire direction and the degree of finish is not important, a blade with less than 40 teeth will suffice. On the other hand, if the cutting takes place in the opposite direction of the wood or if it must be precise and clean as to cut parquet or laminate, it is then necessary to provide a blade with more than 60 teeth.

The different options and accessories:

In store, sellers tend to advise you always more options and accessories. However, only a few are really necessary. So for your convenience it is advisable to choose a metal guide or guide rail that will help you stay upright however, the laser option is less useful than on jigsaws for which the laser helps to get straight. For more strength, it is advisable to buy a saw that already has a rail and not a saw to which you will add a rail later. Moreover, it is better to favor saws equipped with a safety system that prevents unwanted tripping of the tool as well as a disengagement system of the blade so that it stops without danger to your fingers in case of problem. Then, for more comfort of use, it is better to choose a saw which has a blocking device of the tree-holder-blade. Thus, blade changes will be done in a jiffy. Once you have chosen the options for your saw, all that remains is to buy some essential accessories to ensure your safety when you tinker. Thus, it is desirable to provide glasses to protect your eyes from any splinters as well as tailored work gloves. Finally, if you intend to use your saw for several hours in a row, it is strongly recommended to invest in a noise-canceling headset or in earplugs.

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