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Choosing the right gas range is not done without a minimum of thought. It is necessary above all to determine its needs according to its culinary habits. The use you want to make will determine, for example, the number of lights or power. Then you will also take into account the aesthetic side: a simple gas stove or a more decorative device, depending on the atmosphere you want to establish in your kitchen.

How to choose your gas stove?

How to choose your gas stove?

Presentation and operation of a gas stove

The gas stove is the oldest cooking mode. Today competing with the electric stove, the vitroceramic or induction cooker, the traditional gas stove is still many followers who prefer it by far to its new competitors.

Depending on the power system it is equipped with, it is connected to either a gas cylinder or city ​​gas. She uses the heat of the flame to cook food. It usually consists of three or four burners and an oven below.

Choosing a gas stove

The most basic models require the use of matches. But many models are now equipped with a automatic ignitionwhich simplifies their use. Some models are also equipped with a timer or timer which facilitate the control of the cooking.

Most often independent, we still find models of built-in gas stoves which fit perfectly into a fitted kitchen. More and more manufacturers are offering decorative designs with pretty stylized buttons or a designer shape. So choose your gas stove also becomes a story of aesthetics.

The advantages of a gas stove

The heat is perfectly controlled. It allows you to cook over high heat to catch meat as well as to simmer a dish for a long time. Indeed, the power of the flame is instantly adjusted using the buttons that control the burners. Therefore, if you want to reduce the heat, the effect is immediate.

One of the major advantages of the gas stove is its price. It is indeed the cheapest cooking appliance to buy. It also allows to realize a saving on energy consumption: cooking with gas is cheaper than using electric appliances.

Precautions to take with gas!

Despite all its advantages, the gas stove has some small drawbacks. The risk associated with the use of the gas and the presence of the flame require taking certain precautions. Your kitchen should be equipped with a ventilation system sufficient. Children should be removed from the stove so as not to burn themselves or risk turning on the gas by accident.

The use of the gas bottle will also require some attention because it is difficult to know when it is almost empty. The solution? Have one in advance at your disposal to avoid the breakdown in the middle of cooking.

Practical, efficient, economical and pretty at the same time, a gas stove has everything to seduce you!

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