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How to choose your gas water heater

Gas water heaters make it possible to produce hot water without necessarily going through the central heating circuit. They eat with natural gas or propane. If gas water heaters offer an attractive return, you still have to choose a model that suits your home and your needs. That's why in the third part of this file, HandymakerDuanche offers you to discover how to choose the correct gas water heater.

The different models of gas water heaters

There are three major families of gas water heaters, storage models, instant models and bath heaters. Instant gas water heaters produce hot water on demand and unlimited. However, they display a relatively low power and are therefore reserved for sinks or sinks. For more power more equipment, it is better to opt for a bath heater whose power can meet a demand for higher water for example for a kitchen and / or bathroom. As for the accumulation models, ie with a hot water tank, they allow you to quickly get hot water in large quantities, but in return they are relatively large. They can thus feed an entire installation. Finally the prices of gas water heaters start from 330 euros for instant water heaters, 400 euros for bath heaters and 800 euros for storage water heaters.

The criteria for choosing a gas water heater

Hot water

When buying an instantaneous gas water heater, the criterion to remember is that of its power, to determine according to the use you want to make and the number of water points that you will connect. So to power a sink or sink, a model of 8.7 kW is more than enough. This can also be suitable for a sink plus a sink even if a 17.4 kW model is preferable. However, if you add a shower to the previous equipment, it is imperative to provide a water heater of 17.4kW. As for models of 22.4 KW, they can power a sink coupled with a sink and a small bathtub.

Be aware that to power up to four water points, including a large bathtub, you must opt ​​for a bath heater, ie a more powerful instantaneous water heater of 27.9 kw. In addition, if you need a large volume of water, especially for a whirlpool bath or hydro-jet shower, it is better to invest in a storage water heater.

Here the criterion to take into account is the type of outlet of the water heater. Thus, the natural draft or chimney outlets must be placed on the ground and connected to a chimney flue. As for the suction outlet, they offer more flexibility because they allow to hang the water heater on the wall. In addition evacuation level, a chimney is not required. Here the evacuation can open directly outside the housing.

Convenient gas water heaters

The installation of a gas water heater is a delicate operation that requires the intervention of a heating engineer or a qualified plumber. Indeed in case of gas leakage, there is a risk of CO poisoning or even explosion. In addition, instant gas water heaters; are forbidden in rooms, bathrooms and lounges, but also in ventilated spaces only with controlled mechanical ventilation.

Finally, know that gas water heaters require a rigorous and expensive annual maintenance (count on average one hundred euros) which must imperatively be carried out by an approved professional as the legislation requires. This maintenance contract can be claimed by your landlord or your home insurance. In addition, depending on your contract, in case of failure, any interventions will not be billed.

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