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Choosing shutters is not just about aesthetics. Shutters play an important role in the insulation of the house, as well as for the security of housing. Have all the keys in hand to choose the shutters.

Different types of shutters and closing systems

Flaps have several uses within a dwelling and there are different types.
Thus, to choose its components, it is important to know all types of existing components and their characteristics.

  • the shutters are made of two panels closing on the window. It can be full swing shutters and / or flaps shutters louvers;
  • the folding shutters can be composed of several parts adjustable to the length of the window and interconnected by hinges. These shutters are suitable in the case of architectural and aesthetic constraints, but are less secure;
  • the shutters are contained in a trunk that is installed inside or outside the home. Their opening can be manual or motorized;
  • sliding shutters The different panels of the shutters are nestled at the wall or fold back on themselves by means of a rail bring a modern appearance to the facade.

Choose the material of your shutters

Regarding the materials of the shutters, the choice is just as wide as the possibilities of customization, especially in terms of colors. Mostly, shutters can be wood, aluminum or PVC. Each material has both advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account to choose the shutters of his house.

  • wood: excellent thermal and sound insulation, durability, but binding material to maintain (stain every 2-3 years);
  • PVC: robustness, ease of maintenance, good resistance to bad weather, pollution and salt air;
  • aluminum: high resistance, unalterable material, absence of corrosion problems, minimal maintenance.

What are the criteria for choosing its components?

In order to choose the flaps, several parameters can and must be considered.
First of all, it is essential to find out about the local regulations in force regarding the shutters, so as not to risk making mistakes.

Another element plays on the choice of its components, namely the region where your home is located. For example, if the climate is sunny it is better to opt for flaps louver shutters and if it is wet, the wooden shutters are to be avoided.

In addition, it is equally important to respect the style of your home when choosing your shutters.
If you wish to privilege thermal insulation, refer to the energy label of the different types of shutters on the market. And if safety is your first selection criterion, you can refer to the pressure resistance index (PIR). Be aware however that it is possible to strengthen the security of your shutters by adding an additional locking system (bars, bolts, hooks...).
Many other elements can also condition your decision, such as the obligation of maintenance and the resistance of the shutters to bad weatheror the budget you have set. If you choose to install insulation shutters at home, consider the tax credit.
Finally, to be sure to choose its components, it is advisable to avoid the first price components, whose strength and protection sometimes leave something to be desired.

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