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The choice of the manufacturer of your veranda is an important step that is often determined by your budget, your project, and your requirements. Whether you choose a craftsman, a verandalist or an industrialist, do not hesitate to contact several manufacturers, ask for quotes and compete. Always favor a professional near you and multiply the interviews to define your project with him.

Which manufacturer of verandas to choose?

  • The verandalist is a manufacturer specializing in the construction of conservatories. It has the control of the constraints related to the verandas (dimensions, materials, insulation, etc.) and it can propose adapted solutions and personalized for your project, according to your tastes, your ground and house, and your budget. However, specialized manufacturers offer higher prices than an industrial manufacturer.
  • Carpenter independent offers a tailor-made service. It can be specialized in wood, steel, wrought iron. So you can choose your craftsman depending on the material chosen for your porch. Moreover, a craftsman will be able to advise you efficiently thanks to his incomparable know-how. However, the quality of the work done and the tailor-made has a cost: calling a craftsman will cost you more than an industrial manufacturer and the time is longer, especially if your craftsman is in high demand.
  • The industrial manufacturer offers very attractive prices since it produces verandas in series thanks to the automation. The products of an industrialist are certified and comply with the standards in force. On the other hand, these products are not or little customizable. In addition, the manufacturer maintains a purely commercial relationship with the customer and may not take into account your requirements and requirements.

Choose a qualified professional

Whatever the chosen professional, it must offer you products certified to standards. For example, the "professional rules verandas" validated by the SNFA is a technical reference that guarantees compliance with the rules for aluminum verandas. The respect of the standards by a manufacturer is a pledge of quality and competence: inquire to entrust your project to a professional.
The Qualibat qualification also applies to conservator manufacturers (9141 and 9142 for aluminum, 9143 for other materials, and before you commit, make sure that the manufacturer is covered under the 10-year warranty. 'says, this is a 10-year guarantee for any damage related to the strength of your porch.

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