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How to choose a garden gate?

The garden gate is the first gateway to your home. Whether pedestrian or car access, you need to choose a portal that is practical, solid and adapted to your tastes and needs

Your garden has access for car or pedestrian and you want to close this access? The installation of a gate or garden gate will be necessary but how to choose? What regulation, what type of closure, what size, what material and especially what budget? Here are the few points that we will highlight in this article and, as usual, we will look at all the solutions, from a few euros to more than 5000 €.

Check the regulations

At the regulatory level, it is article R421-12 of the Civil Code that determines what type of fence requires a declaration. The easiest way to be in the rules is to consult your town hall and the local town planning plan.

To make a preliminary declaration CERFA 13703-01 embellished with a description of the project, a plan of situation as well as a plan of mass will prove probably essential. Note that in some municipalities, the alignment order imposes a distance of 5 meters between a gate and the road. This distance allows you to stop in front of your house without hindering traffic.

Except if you are in a subdivision where certain models of gates are imposed in order to preserve the atmosphere of the place, you will have the choice between gates in PVC, aluminum, steel or wood. Whether sliding or swinging, motorized or manual, standard width or custom, once in order, it will depend only on you to find the garden gate that suits you.

The widths of gates and gates are standard: 100cm, 300cm, 350cm.

Gate swinging or sliding?

The main advantage of swing gate is its ease of installation. Two walls or two pillars suffice for its installation. Sealed on each side and equipped with a central door locking system, the swing gate opens with a single panel or both.

Whether in its manual or motorized version (articulated arm), it is the least expensive industrial product. The swing gate is available in steel, pvc, wood and aluminum.

To install a sliding gatea perfectly level threshold with a ground guide rail is required except for a few self-supporting models and a fastening system on each side of the wall to fix the slide guides and the operator. This type of portal saves space. This is its main advantage. Its installation however requires a right wall and a large clearance (equal to the size of the gate + 50cm). Sliding garden gates are mostly motorized.

The different materials of the garden gate

Aluminum, light and rot-proof but more expensive than wood, allows the realization of strong garden gates easily manoeuvrable. The wooden garden gate is not the most suitable because it requires regular maintenance and weighs heavily. PVC is spreading more and more in recent years. Steel remains a must for both its price as for its strength and the richness of its forms. It is also possible to have it made to measure by a blacksmith.

Note also that for a handful of euros, with boards, pallets, split wood, iron recovery or wicker, you can make an original garden gate to take you to your garden or your orchard.

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