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How to choose a steam cleaner?

In recent years, the steam cleaner meets with more and more success with French homes. Indeed, this device that releases steam under pressure attracts both DIY enthusiasts and household. Thus, it presents itself as an ecological and efficient alternative to chemicals. Plus, it saves valuable time while saving energy. That's why this week DIYDubranche invites you to discover how to choose a steam cleaner adapted to your needs.

The different models of steam cleaner

With each use its steam cleaner! Thus, you will not use the same device to disinfect your sofa as to take off your wallpaper. At the entry level, small hand cleaners are very useful for localized cleaning and degreasing. Small and cheap they are available from forty euros. However, they lack autonomy which limits their use. More powerful, but also more autonomous steam cleaners brushes are ideal for cleaning large areas such as floors, windows, sanitary or ceilings. Plan a minimum budget of seventy euros. In addition, they remain light and compact and therefore easy to handle unlike sled cleaners. Indeed, they offer the same performance, but are much more complex to take in hand especially because of their size and weight. In addition, these devices are relatively expensive, from 100 euros. Finally, vapor cleaners seem to be the most efficient, but are, by cons, the most expensive from 250 euros. They display a high pressure and a reduced heating time, coupled with the vacuum function. They are therefore ideally suited for background cleaning and DIY (peeling off wallpaper) on work sites of substantial size.

The criteria of choice for a steam cleaner

Before you go to the store to buy your steam cleaner, it is better to have in mind some criteria of choice. Thus, the first thing to take into account is the maximum number of bars generated by the device. To know that a pressure of 4 bar or more guarantees its effectiveness, underneath you may be disappointed. In addition, the size of the tank allows you to clean more or less surface without having to recharge the device. So the more water it can hold, the more square meters you can use. In the same vein, the stand-by time tells you how long the cleaner can deliver steam. While some models suffer from reduced autonomy, others offer unlimited autonomy and can therefore operate continuously, which is preferable for large-scale operations. Finally, it is strongly recommended to opt for a model with a stainless steel tank or anti-scale in order to avoid the formation of limestone.

Steam cleaner accessories

steam cleaner accessory

Most steam cleaners are sold with their lot of more or less useful accessories. However, some are essential to fully benefit from the advantages offered by this type of device. Thus, the floor brush, which cleans both the tiles and the carpet or the parquet, is an essential accessory when one has a steam cleaner. The same applies to the high-pressure gun that eliminates dirt or localized stains, especially in the sanitary areas. In addition, there are also iron-type tips to turn your cleaner into a steam plant. In addition, the window squeegee cleans windows and mirrors in a snap. There are also more targeted accessories such as wallpaper strippers or small precision bits that are used very rarely.

To conclude this survey, if you want to invest in a steam cleaner HandymanDuDimanche strongly encourages you to opt for a model of quality and not for the entry-level which is generally not very functional.

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