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In wood, PVC, steel or wrought iron, traditional or contemporary, models of portals come in many shapes, sizes and colors. How then to make the right choice?

Portal and security

What kind of opening?

install the swing gate

Flying or sliding? It is the configuration of your land that dictates the type of opening of your portal. Most of the time, the beating model is adopted. The leaves can be opened at 90° or even 180° if they are fixed to the posts. If the ground is sloping, special fittings allow the leaves to be tilted when they are opened. But this system is fragile: it is better to back the gate about 1.5 m inside the field and open to the outside (without overflowing on public roads).
Another solution, the sliding gate: it consists of a single leaf mounted on rail. This opening system is ideal when there is not enough space behind the gate to park a vehicle, open the leaves and move freely. But it requires to have to the right or left of the portal, a sufficient place to allow him to retract.

What form?

How to choose your portal by combining security and aesthetics?: your

The choice of a form of portal is most often according to the style of the house. However, this choice conditions that of the fence model, if only to maintain an aesthetic unity around your home.

Which material?

Wood is favored for its warm and natural appearance. The models in wood Treated and exotic woods are resistant to bad weather but have the disadvantage of drunk under the UV: hence an annual maintenance (lazure or paint). Portals PVC are the cheapest. They are light, require no maintenance, do not rust, are scratched, but are not very resistant to shocks. The strongest models are reinforced with metal parts.
Portals in aluminum have the same advantages as PVC models, but they are more resistant and have more color possibilities. On the other hand, they are more expensive. Portals in steel and iron are appreciated for the possibilities they offer in terms of style: as comfortable in modern designs as in old patterns decorated with decorations. They are also among the most expensive and require regular maintenance.

Motorize your portal

motorize a portal yourself

The motorization systems have become unavoidable. Easy to assemble, simple to maintain, resistant... they offer an incomparable service. There are many solutions to all configurations and weights of portals. The most common is the articulated arm model that can fit on old portals.
The cylinder system is very powerful and works on very heavy steel gates but is less suitable for light gates. The buried motor is the most discreet, but it must be implemented before mounting the gate. Finally, note that some brands offer engines powered by solar panels. Otherwise, a buried power supply is enough.

Terms to know

How to choose your portal by combining security and aesthetics?: portal

1. Pivot
2. Handle lock
3. Amounts
4. High cross
5. Barrier
6. Hinges and hinges
7. Judgment
8. Anchoring
9. Bracing bar
10. Locking lock
11. Hoof
12. Low cross
13. Substructure
14. Low cross
15. Crapaudine

Is a PVC fence as strong as a wooden fence?

Christian Pessey's answer:
The main advantages of PVC are the ease of maintenance (a simple blow of sponge with a little detergent) and the fact that it is unalterable. In itself, plastic is certainly less solid than wood, but when it is equipped with internal metal reinforcements it is as rigid as this one. For a better solidity of the whole, it is necessary to seal the posts in concrete.

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