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Artificial fir or real fir? In pot or on foot? Little or big? Which variety? Several criteria will come into play so, to be safe, here is a practical guide to choose your Christmas tree...

How to choose a Christmas tree?

How to choose a Christmas tree?

Choosing an artificial christmas tree

It has the undeniable advantage of can be used for several years. From a financial point of view, it represents a certain economy. Another positive point of the artificial tree: it does not lose its thorns! You will therefore escape the chore of pickup every day... It is also an advantage if you have young children or animals because the thorns can indeed represent a danger.

Apart from the thorns, there is no sap either in the artificial tree which eliminates the risk of stain on your floor. A flow of sap on the ground can indeed leave traces. The artificial tree is also very easy to assemble and disassemble, usually composed of two or three elements that just fit. Once folded, it takes up little space and will be easy to store until the following year.

Finally, artificial fir does not emit carbon dioxide or smell, which for allergy sufferers is a major advantage. This solution nevertheless has a major disadvantage that we do not necessarily think: it is not very ecological. Made mainly from petroleum, it can sometimes release toxic substances.

Choose a natural Christmas tree

For some of you, the charm of the natural fir remains unsurpassed. Impossible to do without the smell of the tree in the house! If you choose this solution, a wide choice is available to you. There is, indeed, several varieties of natural firs.

The most common is spruce. It is certainly the least expensive, but has a major disadvantage: it quickly loses its spines. You will not keep it long and it will take every day to pick up the thorns on the ground. Another variety that you will find easily in garden centers is the Nordmann fir. It is a tree that has the big advantage of not losing its thorns! He can sit in your living room as long as you want. Small downside to this ideal tree, its price! It is indeed a much higher cost than spruce.

The natural tree will be proposed to you on foot or in pot. Whatever the choice, it is important to regularly moisten the fir tree's foot or the soil and the leaves. A fir tree will be replanted in the garden.

Attention to the location of the natural tree: it must be removed from any source of heat (radiator, fireplace, bay window...) and drafts. You must also take into account the available space in your room. It would indeed be a shame to realize, once the fir tree bought, that he does not enter the house!

Choosing your Christmas tree is a very personal affair, depending on your tastes and your budget. You will find a wide selection of fir trees in the garden. Once chosen, it remains only to decorate your Christmas tree with garlands of light, Christmas balls, little characters... so that the atmosphere is magical and magical!

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