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When painting a wall, a piece of furniture or an object, it is important to remember to maintain your tools after use. Improper maintenance can damage your brushes and rollers and render them unusable. To avoid buying paint equipment whenever you need it, follow the advice of DuitDesign. How to clean brushes according to the type of paint used? How to maintain a roll and how to protect your utensils between two layers of paint?

How to clean brushes and rollers after painting?

How to clean brushes and rollers after painting?

Brush cleaning according to the type of paint

Brush cleaning is not the same depending on whether you use acrylic or synthetic paint.

  • With acrylic paintIt is quite easy to clean your brushes. Just use water and soap. After painting, remove the excess paint by squeezing your brush on cardboard or paper. Then clean your brush with lukewarm (or hot) water and soap or dishwashing liquid. Once the water is clear and there is no paint left, rinse with warm water and blot the brush bristles in a cloth or paper towel. Let the brush dry by hanging it upside down.
  • With synthetic paint or glycero, you have to clean your brushes with a solvent like white spirit for example. As with acrylic paint, remove the excess paint before washing the brush. Pour some white spirit into a jar and allow the brush to soak for a few minutes, making sure that all the hair is immersed in the solvent. Once the paint remains dissolved, rinse the brush with warm water and soap. Finally rinse with clean water (lukewarm) before drying your brush upside down.

How to clean a paint roller?

To clean a paint roll, the technique remains substantially the same.
It is essential, first and foremost, to remove excess paint on a cardboard or newspaper using a spatula. Then fill a tray of soapy water (for acrylic paint) or white spirit (for glycerol or synthetic paint). Soak the roller to remove as much paint as possible and repeat the operation by changing the water or the white spirit until the paint remains completely dissolved. Then rinse the roll with warm water and soap and then with clean water before drying it with a wire. To avoid cleaning chores, be aware that there are disposable rolls usable once. Also remember to clean the handle so that the roller can be easily removed and rotates easily on its axis.

Protect brushes and rollers between two layers of paint

To protect your brushes and rollers between two coats of paint, it is not necessary to wash them. Soak them with paint and keep them in an airtight bag and empty the air inside. This will allow you to wait a few hours without your utensils drying out.

Good to know: to avoid disposing of leftover spirit in nature, place it in a sealed bottle and dispose of it in the trash.

Video Instruction: How to wash a roller and brush like a pro