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To function properly, an extractor hood must be maintained on a regular basis. For this purpose, the grease and charcoal filters with which it is equipped must also be the subject of a particular maintenance.

How to clean the filter of a hood?

How to clean the filter of a hood?

Why clean the filters of a hood?

The filters of an extractor hood have an impact on its proper functioning and efficiency. Their regular maintenance thus makes it possible to guarantee this efficiency over the long term.

A saturated grease filter reduces the suction performance of the range hood when a used charcoal filter is no longer able to properly filter cooking odors.

To note: there are models of hoods equipped with an indicator light or an audible signal, to warn the user when it is time to clean the grease filter of the appliance. In any case, it is recommended to clean this filter every two months.

How to clean a grease filter?

Cleaning the grease filter is no easy task. Indeed, the cooking waste is here housed in the interstices of the metal filter. However, there are several techniques to properly degrease this filter.

  • It is noted that stainless steel and aluminum grease filters have the significant advantage of put in the dishwasher.
  • For greater efficiency, it is possible to soak filter in water and dishwashing liquid, then brush gently before rinsing thoroughly.
  • It is also possible to soak in acetone (in case of stubborn dirt) before cleaning it with dishwashing liquid.

Can we clean a charcoal filter and how?

In most cases, builders recommend changing the charcoal filter twice a year. Some other manufacturers give us some recommendations to extend the life of these filters, so you only have to replace them once every 3 years.

  • We will then clean the charcoal filter once a month, in an empty dishwasher and set to its highest temperature.
  • Following this cleaning, the charcoal filter should be dried. To be reactivated, it will be placed in an oven heated to 100° C (no more, no less) for 10 minutes.

Video Instruction: Clean hood filters in no time with salt, baking soda, vinegar … and some boiling water