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How to clean or replace the filter of a dishwasher

Every dishwasher has a filter at the level of its evacuation. It is located at the bottom of the tank. Disassembly of the dishwasher drain filter is done by hand, and does not require any tools. Clean or replace with a similar model or equivalent recommended by the manufacturer if the sieve is clogged with limestone.

Practical advice

  • Slow draining or unpleasant odors when opening the dishwasher door will usually indicate a problem with the filter, just get rid of residue that ends up in the clog. Poor dishwashing can also be a warning sign of a filter problem.
  • If the clogging of the filter is done without difficulty under tap water, a clogging of the sieve by the limestone is more difficult to solve. You can always try to clean the sieve with burning white vinegar, being careful not to burn yourself.
  • Access to the filter is no problem since it is sufficient to loosen the plastic stopper. This assumes, however, that the dishwasher is empty and the lower basket is removed. Do not intervene immediately after stopping the device: wait a good half hour to give it time to cool and do not risk burning your fingers.
  • Wear gloves to clean the filter housing. Indeed, splinters of glass or dishes could risk to hurt you. Use a hook-shaped piece of wire to remove any food debris from the vent pipe.
  • The bottom of the filter is cleaned by simply passing under tap water. You can place the filter assembly (sieve and bottom filter) in a basin of warm water with detergent. Clean the set with a nail brush.
  • Take advantage of the removal of the lower basket to check the proper operation of the rollers and see if nothing hinders their rotation (son wrapped around their axis).

Disassemble the filter

Open the machine door, and remove the lower basket. Let the appliance cool down.

Remove the lower basket

1. Start by opening the dishwasher door. If you have just used it, let it cool down. Pull out and remove the lower basket to access the bottom of the tank filter.

Turn the filter cap a quarter of a turn to release the sieve.

Turn the filter cap

2. The filter is here in the form of a sieve blocked by a large round cap nut. Turn the filter cap a quarter turn. Remove the upper filter screen.

You can now access the filter itself and pull it out vertically.

Take out the filter

3. You can now access the filter itself consisting of a cylindrical sieve element. Remove the filter from the dishwasher.

Clean and refit the filter

This dishwasher is equipped with a micro-filter that needs to be cleaned.

Examine the micro-filter

4. Some models like this one are equipped with a sieve-shaped micro-filter. Check its cleanliness.

Pass the strainer and the filter itself under tap water to clean them.

Clean the filter

5. Run under the tap water the upper screen and the filter itself. It is advisable to clean the filter regularly to avoid odors, evacuation problems and traces on the dishes. Cleaning under clear water is usually sufficient.

Replace the cylindrical filter then the upper sieve and the cap. Turn it to block the whole thing.

Replace the filter

6. After cleaning the drain line, if any debris is present, replace the cylindrical filter, then the sieve and the cap. Turn it a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction of disassembly.

Engage the lower basket wheels on their rails and replace the basket.

Replace the lower basket

7. Replace the bottom rack and close the dishwasher door. The machine is ready for a new cycle.

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