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It is sometimes said that shower curtains are unhygienic and so on. To avoid this problem, you need to get:

a polyester curtain, that is to say in synthetic fabrics that can be machine washed at 30° and wash it from time to time, it can be put back in place at the end of the machine.

Then, when wet, when leaving the shower, do not pack it by pushing it completely to the side, because in this way, it is difficult to dry, and this humidity, if it lasts, promotes the development of bacteria, and even mold.

And even if it is really too wide and it creases too much, it would be good to reduce the width, it would be more favorable to a better drying.

If you have such a moldy curtain, you can get rid of these molds by rubbing the curtain with a green scouring sponge and washing up liquid, do not be afraid to insist, and also you can spray bleach, and rub again. Then machine wash at 30°.

In general we manage to catch up.

Glass panels or others are no more hygienic far from it, especially since they are sometimes difficult to clean, and will not go to the machine, of course.

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