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Whether exterior or interior, roller shutter boxes are never very aesthetic. However, they must remain accessible to be able to intervene in case of breakdown. A puzzle?
Not really, here are some ingenious and stylish solutions.

How to hide a roller shutter box?

How to hide a roller shutter box?

Conceal an external roller shutter box

If you are building your house, you are favored because you can choose the layout and shape of the exterior roller shutter boxes, with the help of an architect if necessary.

At the moment there are on the market wheeled luggage boxes rounded or semi-rounded shapes who know how to be discreet on the front.

If you are a perfectionist, you can play with the peculiarities of your home. If your roof has an overflow for example, take advantage of itr conceal shutter boxes, by implanting them just below.

In case of renovation of your home, there are many solutions, case by case. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist who will advise you on the solutions both aesthetic but also technically compliant, which are available to you. Be aware, however, that there is an extra cost.

Conceal an inner roller shutter box

Interior roller shutter boxes are often made of wood and have a hatch to stay accessible. They have the unfortunate characteristic of biting on the space of your room.

Rule number 1: You have to paint the same color as the walls of your piece so that they blend as much as possible into space, without shrinking it.

Then it's about playing with curtains and / or double curtains. Everything depends then, the style of your interior. In general it is recommended to fix the curtain rod to the ceiling and not to the box, to not shrink the space.

If you wish, you can dress up your chest with fabric coordinated with double curtains, for example. To secure the fabric panel, use stretch bands.

For a more contemporary effect, opt for curtains boat curtains that hide the trunk, even when they are raised. Think also of Japanese-inspired blinds, for maximum fluidity.

Alternatively, you can extend the shutter box by having it made caissons of the same dimensions, running all over the wall By incorporating spots play with lighting, the trompe l'oeil is perfect.

Video Instruction: Concealed Roller Shutters System