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Summer is here and you want to enjoy a cool spot in your garden to breathe on hot days? Know that you will have to start by creating shady areas in your garden, but also install water points and give up some materials that tend to store and emit heat.

How to create a cool corner in a garden?

How to create a cool corner in a garden?

For a cool corner in the garden: shade

For starters, you will have to make sure to arrange places in the shade so that the freshness settles permanently in some corners of your garden. For this you have several possibilities:

  • You can install an umbrella which you will be able to remove after the summer if you do not wish to maintain this corner in the shade;
  • You can install an arbor, more stable and stronger than an umbrella, besides some are mobile and can be moved or removed;
  • You can create a cool corner in the shade of one or more trees already planted, plant them or wait for them to grow. Plants also have the advantage of giving off freshness naturally.

Cool corner in the garden: install water points

For a corner of optimal freshness, you must not only have some shade, but ideally, a water point will be appreciable because it will enhance the feeling of freshness. If you have a swimming pool, you can build your cool spot around it, but if you want to do it elsewhere or you do not have a swimming pool, you can also plan the installation. a fountain or basin. In addition to being refreshing, these water points are also an undeniable aesthetic asset in a garden, and according to your desires and your budget, you can expect the installation of a fountain or a pond to mount yourself, or call a professional.

Opt for some materials and forget the mineral coatings

Finally, for a real cool corner in your garden, consider removing the coverings or furniture made of mineral materials. Indeed, these materials such as stone, for example, tend to store heat, and they emit in turn, even during the night when the sun is down, causing a warming and a feeling of choking sometimes. These materials are therefore to banish in your cool corner, so prefer wood for example, which does not retain heat and which will be more appropriate, or PVC for your garden furniture.

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