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The carpet is a very popular flooring, especially thanks to the comfort and warmth it brings. It is within the reach of everyone to lay carpet. Here are some tips for carving a carpet.

What are the tools needed to cut a carpet?

To cut a carpet, you need to have the right material, in order to perform precision work. Thus, the tools needed to cut a carpet are:

  • a cutter;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • a carpet tamper;
  • an upholsterer;
  • a knife to coat;
  • a metal ruler;
  • a pencil.

Measure and cut a carpet

Before you start cutting your carpet, make sure that the direction of installation has been respected. Often, on the back of a carpet, there is an arrow that indicates the direction of the hair, which should be directed towards the window of your room.

To cut a carpet well and not to miss this crucial step, it is important to proceed with method.
To begin, you must unroll and spread the carpet on the floor of your room. When setting up your carpet, take care to keep 10 to 20 centimeters of margin on the edges, making it go up along the baseboards of the room.
Once the carpet is centered and flattened, especially with the aid of a tapestry maker, take a pair of scissors or a cutter with the blade back in order to mark the fold flush with the walls, to then proceed to cut. At the corners, it is recommended to fold the carpet, so that it really marries the shape of the whole room.

After marking the folds, it is high time to cut your carpet. To do this, use a carpet tamper, or a cutter and a knife to plaster as a support. Spread the carpet flush with the baseboards of your room, starting at the sides and ending at the corners. Cutting a carpet at the corners of a room requires the use of a pair of scissors, as well as a metal ruler and a pencil.
Start with scissors the piece of carpet already leveled over the length of the wall. Then, using a ruler and a pencil, draw the shape of the corner of your room on the carpet. To cut the carpet at an angle, fold down the corner and remove the excess from the cutter, being careful to rest on the knife to be coated.

Finally, it remains to cut the carpet at the threshold of the door. It is then sufficient to trim the carpet to the cutter along the door frame and finally finish cutting through the threshold, using scissors or cutter.

Trick: once your carpet cut, it is advisable to wait 24 hours before fixing it on the ground, so that it can take its final form and thus adhere to the support better.

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