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The Capricorns lay larvae which, for food, dig the wood for several years. The consequences for homes are catastrophic. It is therefore essential, at the slightest sign of the presence of Capricorns, to get rid of these xylophagous insects.

The capricorn.

Capricorn is a threat to riparian wood because its larvae feed on it.

How to fight against Capricorns?

Capricorns are relatively easy to detect. Good news when it comes to reacting quickly by a curative method. Even if the prevention always remains the best protection. Because to think to treat the wooden elements of the house (frame, floor, beams), it is already to get rid of Capricorns!

Detect the presence of Capricorns

It is not always easy to spot the presence of xylophagous insects in a house. They can long pass unnoticed as termites, especially that they are hidden in the wooden frame. However, house goats leave characteristic traces that it is possible to spot.

  • If we look closely, small holes appear at wood surface (skirting, doorways, beamsvЂ|).
  • It is possible to find on the ground a little sawdust, sign that larvae have dug the wood.
  • In complete silence and listening attentively, one can sometimes hear the noise that the capricorn larvae feeds when it feeds on wood. It is a kind of light squeak something that sinks into the wood.

Methods for eliminating Capricorns

If the invasion of Capricorns is obvious, do not delay taking action. For this, the method is identical to that used against any xylophagous insect. It is necessary to proceed in 2 steps.

  • First step: the bГ "chage. It is the removal of the infested wood parts, then brushing and de-dusting in order to prepare the wood to receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Second stage: the treatment, a choice:
    • by spraying or brushing,
    • by injection (in case of very advanced invasion).

If the invasion seems particularly important, it is advisable to contact a disinsection company that will deal with this type of situation of scale and implement the right treatment to come to the end of the infestation.

Preventive measures against capricorns

To avoid a return of Capricorns in the house or, better still, to prevent them from infesting them, certain precautionary measures exist.

  • To verify that the used wood is treated.
    • This is the case in new houses where the lumber is systematically treated for a duration of 10 years. Past this time, it is necessary to renew the treatment.
    • In the old houses, a controlled by a specialist and a pre-treatment are essential.
  • To make a pre-treatment With the help of a product composed of xylophГЁne. You can apply it yourself. To do this, see step-by-step: "Treat a framework against xylophagous insects".

To learn more about all the ways to protect yourself from Capricorns, check out the page: "Get rid of xylophagous insects for good".

The capricorn and its operation

General presentation

The capricorn says "houses" is a pest xylophagous, which can be found everywhere in France. His larvae (and not adult individuals) feed on wood to grow. The process, according to the prevailing conditions (heat, nutritive qualities of wood, hygrometry), varies on average from 3 to 5 years. In the adult stage, the capricorn measures from 1 to 2 cm and has a carapace of brown color and flattened.

Life Cycle and Behavior of Capricorn

The capricorn female lays around a thirty or so eggs. Then these, transformed into larvae, will gnaw wood, dig galleries for several years to feed. When adult, the capricorn breeds and only lives in 1 to 2 weeks.

Good to know: Capricorns privilege the windy species of wood, such as pine, spotted, fir-tree

What nuisances for humans and their habitat?

Less destructive than the termite, for example, the capricorn is not subject to regulation by a particular piece of legislation. However, as he attacks the wooden structures of homes for several years, he can considerably weaken a building. And if we discover the late developments, the consequences in terms of repair can be cumbersome.

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