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Here are some ideas, tips and tricks to know how to unclutter a garage and take full advantage of all this space.

How to unclutter a garage

How to unclutter a garage

1st step: sorting in your garage

Prefer a day when the weather is nice and get out of your garage, open all cartons and do several piles by theme: broken objects, childcare you no longer need, the clothes of children who have become too small, gardening tools and DIY, the decor that has not found its place, the equipment and garden furniture that we keep in case, the business of skiing, camping or beach, or food and boxes of canned and other surprises that you had forgotten...

Once sorting, go to phase 2...

2nd step: empty, de-clutter, give, throw

All that is damaged, out of date or broken, no hesitation, it is direction trash or dump to sort the waste (cardboard, plastic, wood...). All that is useless but in good condition, you can sell them on retail sites, second-hand shops or give them to associations. Some elements can find a more adequate place, such as canned food stored in the kitchen or tools in a small shed. For the rest, we will have to show a little organization.

3rd step: organize, optimize, build your garage

After the sorting, if you put all in bulk, even to put away well, it is the door opened to the chaos and it will have everything to start again in a few months. That's why, you have to think about organizing your storage and for that, you will need lockers, cupboards, shelves...

For very bulky things you do not need all the time, a good trick is to build a small false ceiling where you can slide tents, skis, surf, etc... It is also very practical to install shelves all along the walls of the garage rather than stacking boxes.

4th step: strategic storage in your garage

We opted for an optimized storage, that is to say that we group business by category to find them more easily. The ideal is to provide a stock of transparent plastic bins that will slip easily on the shelves. The must is to label them, as no doubt or waste of time, this allows a quick and efficient search in the shelves. It is advisable to have storage boxes with lids to prevent dust and small animals from settling there.

All these tips to unclutter a garage can also apply to the storage of a cellar or attic.

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