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It's not because a studio has a small space that you have to neglect its decoration. On the contrary! Its small dimensions require you to use your imagination to make it functional as much as possible. Learn how to decorate a studio by creating a flexible living space, playing with light and delineating space.

How to decorate a studio?

How to decorate a studio?

Create a flexible space

Choose a furniture that fits your current needs is the best way to gain acreage. Opt for a sofa bed, folding chairs, a retractable table or convertible coffee table. The retractable bed is also a big star of the studios or the sofa BZ which offers a better bedding than the sofa bed.

Bring light

Light is important in a living space and it is even more important when this space is restricted. The brighter your studio will be, the more space you will have. So prefer them light colours for the walls and the dark colors for the floor or on certain sections of wall for example. Multiply the points of light to create a warm and friendly atmosphere and install mirrors to play with reflections and volumes in the room.

Delimit the space

To make the most of each cm² of your studio, think about delimit each living space. The principle of the studio is to have everything in the same room but it is possible to separate the living room corner of the kitchen area and also the sleeping area by using color on a wall or wallpaper. It is also possible to use a curtain as a partition or even a shelf to separate the sleeping area. The bed is usually placed against a wall (parallel or perpendicular) to avoid too much encroach on the living space. For the living room area, think of the floor cushions, carpets and coffee table to create a warm atmosphere to entertain your friends.

Deco ideas for a studio

To decorate your studio, no need to ruin yourself! The stickers are perfect to bring originality and modernity at a lower cost. They are easy to put on and change as often as you like. To renew the decor of your living room, put a sheet or plaid on your couch to give it a second life. feel free to repaint your old furniture with a light color and recover old wooden crates or palettes to use as a coffee table.

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