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The tree has made its entrance into the home, the cardboard decorations Christmas was brought back from the cellar... Well, where to start now? From the bottom up, here are all the steps that should not be overlooked when decorating a Christmas tree.

How to decorate your Christmas tree?

How to decorate your Christmas tree?

1st step: the foot of the Christmas tree

Even if you do not always pay attention, dress the base of the tree is all to his advantage. To do this, nothing is more practical than the golden biodegradable fir bag: it can hide the trunk of the tree nicely Christmas time, and then pack it to throw after the party is over. A comparable result can be obtained with gift wrap.

2nd step: the balls and other Christmas decorations

Delicate operation that the hanging of Christmas' balls. To achieve a harmonious result, the important thing is to have them up and all around fairly, which is not always easy when several hands are put. Some coordination in the work is necessary! The whole thing isspace more or less decorations depending on the size of the tree and the number of elements you have. It goes without saying that if you have decided to place the tree in a corner of the room, facing a wall, one side will be more decorated than the other. To highlight the decorations you prefer, they should be hung at eye level or at least at the top of the tree, and spread the Christmas balls more discreet around. You can also play with the length of the branches by placing sometimes balls at their end, sometimes more inside the tree. Must also take account of the weight some decorations, which can bend the branches, not even at all... Beware of falling balls, they are often fragile!

Step 3: Christmas garlands

Once the balls are distributed, you can place the garland or garlands, "nature" or bright, by making them meander between them. If you have several garlands, you can make them down by turning around the tree and crossing them: this will give a nice volume colorful and sparkling to the tree.

Last step: the top of the Christmas tree

Cherry on the cake, the pose of the star on the top of the fir traditionally completes the work. It remains to take a step back to change a few details, straighten a garland, move a ball a few notches... And admire the result! But the big end-of-year works are not finished yet. Next step: creche

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