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Defrost a lock

With the cold, the locks can freeze easily. But do not panic! There are several effective and practical solutions to thaw or defrost the lock of the car, that of the house or that of the mailbox.

Gestures to avoid facing a lock blocked by frost and frost

  • To avoid aggravating the situation, it is strongly not recommended to force the frozen lock with the key to avoid breaking or bending it.
  • Do not pour boiling water on it either. The water will cool and freeze again. In addition, it can damage plastic and electronic components.

Open a frozen lock with a lighter

The most popular and easiest method to reproduce in an emergency is to heat the key with a lighter or a match. The operation must be fast so as not to damage the key.

  1. Pass the flame of a lighter or a match on the key for a few seconds without getting burned.
  2. Insert the heated key, it must be warm and not burning, in the lock without turning it.
  3. Try to open the lock.
  4. Repeat if necessary

Warning : Embedded chip wrenches should not be heated so as not to damage the electronic system.

Thaw a lock with a hair dryer

The hair dryer technique is very effective. However, you must have the device at hand and especially a close grip (or a very long extension).

Defrost a lock with WD-40®

It is also possible to open a lock locked by the gel using a spray can (WD-40® type).

  1. Insert the tip directly into the frozen lock or spray the product on the key.
  2. Test the operation of the key.
  3. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Thaw a lock with alcohol to burn

  • Pour fromalcohol to burn on the lock.
  • This product also works to de-ice its windshield quickly.

How to protect your lock from freezing?

To prevent the gel from blocking its lock, preventive solutions exist:

  1. Brush the key vaseline or glycerin and introduce it into the lock. Leave for a few minutes. These lubricants have antifreeze properties.
  2. Paste a plaster on the lock
  3. Install a magnet on the lock. The gel did not penetrate.
  4. Project frompressurized air in the lock to expel moisture.

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