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Living in a dwelling that is too small is not inevitable because it is now possible to enlarge a house in many ways. Horizontal extension or elevation, rehabilitation of the garage, creation of a veranda, all represent excellent solutions to gain living space.

How to enlarge a house

How to enlarge a house

Enlarge a house: the horizontal extension

When you want to enlarge a house, it is possible to create new parts using the remaining horizontal surface of the ground.

A study of the soil and the ground is necessary here in order to define the new foundations to be envisaged. Several precautions must be taken in order to avoid settling phenomena, which may occur at the junction of the parts of the existing frame and the extension.

Warning: the extension of a house must also take into account the existing networks (electricity, water, gas, evacuations).

How to enlarge a house by creating a veranda

Create a veranda, can earn living space from the kitchen, living room or dining room.

A specialist will be able to define the best possible orientation for this new space "half in, half out", and propose a range of suitable materials.

Warning: verandas obey the urban regulations that govern all horizontal extensions. A veranda providing more than 5 m² of space requires either a prior declaration or a veranda building permit.

Enlarge a house by rehabilitating the existing

It is possible to enlarge a house using the elements of the existing building. Thus, extending the home by rehabilitating its garage into a living room is considered as a home extension.

Office, bedroom, games room, bathroom... each development leads are lot of work to make the living space (insulation, connection, opening, etc.)

Urban planning rules apply here:

  • the living space gained and any modifications of facade, cause certain administrative procedures.

How to enlarge a house by vertical extension

Gain space by the vertical, is an extension solution which also allows to enlarge a house:

  • creating a floor on the roof from the attached garage
  • heightening from the floor
  • creation of a basement or cellar

This type of extension requires taking certain precautions, such as checking walls and foundations, to ensure that they will be able to support the weight of the extension.

The layout of these spaces is again subject to urban planning rules.

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