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How to waterproof a 5.5 m bathroom2 (in a house under renovation) upstairs on a slab of wood? The catcher will be put by a plumber. On the floor, there will be a PVC coating and faience and wallpaper on the walls. Are Schülter waterproofing mats a good technical solution (when used properly)? Are there other effective technical solutions?
Are waterproofing mats compatible with soft flooring? Is it more serious to consider the installation of a tile because there is a special disintegrating mat tiling damping the movements of the wood?

The tightness of a bathroom is a crucial point that too many companies or individuals tend to leave out. Your remarks and questions are therefore particularly relevant. Obviously, you want to retain durable solutions. Then, go to the system separating mat + tiling. On a wooden support, it is probably the solution that will be the most reliable in the long term. The system does not ensure by itself the success of the project, the accuracy of implementation, the respect of the installation method recommended by the manufacturer, also strongly conditioning the final result. That being the case, I do not understand why craftsmen are unloading this work on you... Unless they try to escape their responsibility?

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