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It is possible to replace the glazing of an old window by a double glazing by overcoming the thickness of the rabbets. The key is a jobsite that is simplified and less expensive than a total change in carpentry.

double glazed window

Necessary material

  • Gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Hammer
  • Wide wood scissors
  • Jigsaw
  • screwdriver
  • Silicone cartridge gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Custom Neoclair glazing
  • Wooden wedges from 2 to 5 mm thick
  • White or brown acrylic sealant in cartridge
  • Stainless steel screws 30 x 3,5 mm

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: 330 € for the four panels (190 € / m²)
Time: 4 hours

Saving energy is now obvious for all.
The replacement of the windows partly meets this objective.
But this type of intervention is expensive and requires relatively large work.
Especially since it is impossible to install double glazing, the thickness of which is usually 20 or 24 mm, in the rabbets of old windows, designed for glazing 3 or 4 mm thick.
Remains the solution of the survitrages... whose performances are far from being convincing and which are little more used for a long time.

Laying without removing the old glazing

To solve this problem of incompatibility between old joinery and current glazing, Synelog has developed the Neoclair solution, consisting of a double glazing 14 to 24 mm thick mounted in a PVC frame, which comes to be fixed at the top of rabbet, the sealing between the double glazing and the window being ensured by flexible lips.
Available in many mirrors, this renovation solution allows to install the new glazing in an existing joinery without removal (residual mastic and glass remain in the rabbet).

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Effective window against noise and cold

Most often, the double glazing used is 4.16.4 low emissivity (4 being the thickness of the glass in millimeters, and 16 the space between the two panes).
The low emissivity is obtained by the presence of argon between the two panes.
The thermal transmittance (U) of such glazing is 1.1 W / m2.K.
Note that the lower the U-value, the better the insulation, which makes it eligible for the tax credit when it is applied by a company.
As always, the double glazing is custom-made: it can therefore include a burglar-proof, non-tinted, frosted, tinted glass... with ties or small woods, or even be mounted on curved profiles.

Preparation of the window flap

checking the dimensions of the window

  • Upon receipt of the order, check the dimensions.
  • Drop a window flap and place it on two trestles in a place not afraid of splinters.

destruction of the window pane

  • Wear protective glasses and gloves.
  • Break the window and clean the rabbet.
  • Remove the braces.
  • Repaint if necessary before installing double glazing.

double glazing scheme

The double glazing (1) is mounted in a frame (2) equipped with a screw cap secured to the profile which clips (3) after having fixed the frame in the old opening (4).

Double glazing

double glazing installation

  • Center the double glazing in its frame.
  • The rebate should be on the outside of the window. She comes to hide the old rabbet.

stalling the window pane

  • Carry out the "French style" setting which shifts the weight of the glazing upwards.
  • Arrange two support wedges in the lower corner on the hinges side and two in the opposite corner.

screw the double glazing

  • Open the screw cap and screw the double glazing into the window leaf with screws of 30 x 3.5 mm.
  • Stop screwing as soon as the screw head is flush with the PVC.

clip the window cover caps

  • Once screwing is complete, carefully clip the screw caps by pressing firmly with your fingers.
  • The wing can then be returned to the next stage.

making a joint

  • Make and smooth an acrylic sealant joint around the frame on the inside.
  • This seal ensures the connection between the double glazing and the frame of the wing and reinforces the tightness.

The tips of the + DIYers of System D:

window: replacement of brass washers

If the windows are difficult to open, take the opportunity to replace the old brass washers of the hinges that are often worn. This will go up a few millimeters the window that will rub more on the frame.

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