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Snails are harmless, but they can destroy the crops of an entire garden by feeding on the flowers, leaves and fruits on the soil surface. In the face of such damage, you have no choice but to drive them away or eradicate them: find out how to fight snails in a garden.

Why fight snails in a garden?

Snails can make real ravages in a gardenThey eat plants with a soft texture, especially those on the soil surface. So they attack the leaves, whether those found in the garden such as salads, but also the leaves that adorn the flowers.
They also attack the flowers themselves, not forgetting fruits such as strawberries and blackberries, or even seeds, like beans.
They can also cause damage to the bulbs, tubers and roots, as they take refuge in the soil during periods of drought. Note, however, that a small colony of snails does not will not cause big damage, it is therefore a question of reducing the number of individuals that shelters your garden, without necessarily trying to eradicate them in totality.

Prevent the invasion of snails in a garden

If your garden has only a few snails or no snails at all, you can start by preventing them from coming up with easy-to-use solutions without any chemicals:

  • Snails like to be lodged in piles of compost and other extensive grasslands in which the vegetation is decomposing: so move these elements away from your plantations, be they flowers or vegetable gardens;
  • To be able to move, snails need a relatively moist soilYou can create barriers around your plantations that will hinder their movement, from sawdust, flax flakes, wood chips, wood ash or coffee grounds that will keep them at a distance. Do not forget to renew this barrier when it becomes wet;
  • Make a mulch from pine needles, for example: these elements are both dry and sharp for snails that will stay away.

Push away the snails of a garden

If your garden is definitely home to too many snails and these are causing a lot of damage to your plantations, you will have to consider eliminating them.
You can turn to the so-called "slug pellets", which you will spread around the crops you want to protect. However, this solution is not the most ecological, you can turn to other more environmentally friendly solutions, starting with beerSnails love them, so you can have some bowls filled with beer in many areas of your garden, this beer will attract the snails that will eventually drown inside, if the container is high enough.

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