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We have 2 bathrooms with walk-in showers and we have noticed several months of rising sewage smell in one of the showers. We have a heating air / air heat pump by mouths of insuflations in different rooms. In addition we found, when we were absent several weeks, that when we returned the smells were gone. Are these odors related to the heating mode? It was suggested to us that this could come from the siphon of the shower not adapted because indeed there is more water in the syphon. What to do as work for that. Hoping that my question will be selected?

Sewer odors are probably unrelated to the heating mode. It is possible that this problem comes from siphons poorly calculated, poorly adapted or even slope too weak at the level of thewater evacuation. The problem is complex with a walk-in shower, except to have access via the ceiling of the lower level. The defusing of a siphon can come from a phenomenon of depression in the pipeline related to the operation of a toilet flush or toilet grinder on the same pipe network. This happens when the big wastewater drainage pipe does not have an air intake on the roof, which is called "primary" ventilation. I could be the reason why the phenomenon disappears when you are away for a few days and you do not use the toilet.
In all cases, you must go back to the company that made the installation.

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