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Today, the bathroom is a "pampered" room and we take special care in its development. This place combines comfort, practice and aesthetics. Here are some tips and practical tips to tastefully dress a bathroom.

How to furnish a bathroom?

How to furnish a bathroom?

Shower room: some constraints to know

Whatever the furniture model chosen, it is important to take space constraints into account knowing that this piece is often of a modest size. It is necessary to respect certain distances for a comfortable circulation in the room. It must include a space of at least 55 centimeters in front of a shower or a bath, 105 centimeters being the ideal to be able to move in two without jostling. In front of a sink, you need a space of 70 centimeters and 60 centimeters do the job facing the toilet.

The vanity storage cabinet

Classical and functional, this piece of furniture is essential, especially in a small bathroom. Both trendy and compact, it's a storage which finds its place under the basin. Here, several widths are possible, the choice is made according to the space available. If the surface is small enough, it is better to privilege only one basin. In a spacious bathroom, the double basin brings a touch of conviviality. It should be between 50 - 90 centimeters for the simple model and 120 - 135 centimeters for a double vanity unit.

Clever furniture ideas...

In addition to the vanity unit, many other bathroom models are available on the market. In the register of unavoidable, we find alsoi the cabinet that reveals shelves behind a mirror. Precisely, it should be noted that the furniture for this room can be installed on the floor or be hung on the wall, to save space. In any case, the choice is given between the models with drawers and those with a sliding door and to accentuate the practical side, some furniture are equipped with wheels. In addition to being easily moved around the room, they can serve as seating for parents who bathe children. For its part, the storage column offers a good amount of storage, the compartments closing with a system of doors or drawers.

Which material?

Since the bathroom is a wet room, the choice of the material that makes up the furniture must be made accordingly. Most often, models are made of medium or water-resistant chipboard with a waterproof and moisture-resistant topcoat. Exotic wood rot-proof such as Teak, Ipe, Merbau... is also possible, but it must be protected with oil or varnish adapted.

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