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If you live in an apartment and you do not have a green space to garden, know that you can perfectly consider cultivating all kinds of plants in your apartment. Green plants or flowering plants, herbs or vegetables: discover how to garden in an apartment.

How to garden in an apartment?

How to garden in an apartment?

Gardening plants and flowers in an apartment

If you want to garden in an apartment and have beautiful green plants or flowering plants indoors, nothing prevents you, provided that you turn to the right varieties. Indeed, all plants and flowers do not tolerate the rather warm and dry atmosphere of our interiors, so be sure to educate yourself about the varieties you want to install. So, before choosing this or that plant or flower, ask yourself which room is the most appropriate according to several criteria:

  • SunshineYou must study the orientation of each room to determine if the sun is suitable for this plant;
  • Moisture contentIndeed, you can install plants in your living room as well as in your kitchen, in the bedrooms or in the bathroom. It is obvious that the humidity rate in the living room is different from that of the bathroom, so consider this criterion before installing a plant;
  • Study closely water needs of each plant: some will need to be watered every day or almost, while others will need a monthly watering.

The depolluting plants at the heart of the trend in the apartments

Many plants, flowered or not, are adapted to the atmosphere of our interiors, but the current big trend remains the installation of depolluting plants, like the following plants:

  • The arcea palmwhich eliminates a large number of toxins;
  • The aloe verawhich destroys formaldehyde;
  • The robusta ficus which brings oxygen;
  • The bamboo palmwhich removes formaldehyde;
  • The fern of Boston which moistens the air inside;
  • The aglaon√®me which cleans the air by emitting a large amount of oxygen;
  • The dwarf date palmwhich removes formaldehyde and xylene;
  • English ivy, which eliminates many solvents and toxins present in the indoor air;
  • The gerbera daisywhich removes benzene;
  • Devil's creeper that destroys carbon monoxide as well as other harmful substances.

Gardening by growing a vegetable garden in an apartment

You can garden in apartment by growing a vegetable garden that you can as well install inside as on your balcony if you have one. Inside, you can cultivate aromatic plants such as chives, mint and parsley, as long as you keep their soil moist, without over-watering them. But note that you can also consider growing some vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, peppers and salads, for example. But remember to bring clay balls at the root to drain the water.
You can install this garden in your living room or kitchen, or in a laundry room or other dedicated room. You will need to grow your vegetables and herbs in vegetable pans or planters that you will preferably install near a window to obtain a sunny and airy atmosphere.

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