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The student residences are very coveted and unfortunately, their places are limited. In order not to make odd, it is necessary to know the conditions of entry as well as the steps to be made to validate your requests.

Conditions of entry into a student residence

Whatever the type of student accommodation you choose, you must start the process as soon as possible. There are many more students in France than conventional housing, so: first come, first served. There are two types of student residences: university residences that are managed by the CROUS and given priority to scholarship students, and private residences.

In university residence

The places in university residences are allocated in priority to the students fellows, on social criteria. Foreign exchange students, students in exchange programs and students with disabilities (motor and blind) may also be eligible. Admission criteria are family income, dependent children and the distance between housing and place of study.
To apply, you must be under 26 years old and be registered in your establishment for a maximum of 3 years (5 years for students with disabilities).

In private residence

You just need to build your application filewhich works like a normal rental file.

The steps to obtain a place

Do not forget to go as far in advance as possible to apply for a place in a student residence.

In university residence

  • Prepare your student social file (DSE): this file is downloadable annually between January 15 and May 30, 24/24 on the site of the CROUS of your academy. It is renewable every year but it is not automatic.
  • Provide the necessary supporting documents: a certificate of home insurance against rental risks, your student card, a solidarity guarantee (see LOCA-PASS).
  • Wait until the end of June: in the event of a positive response, you must pay a first month's rent, which serves as a deposit and reservation of your place in student residence (to be paid before mid-July at the risk of losing the place).

In private residence

  • Go to the ADELE website ( to find the private residence you want and create an account to register or book your place directly on the website of the residence.
  • Prepare your admission file: your student card, your identity card as well as that of your guarantor, a RIB, the documents attesting to your guarantor (tax notice, wage slips, proof of address).
  • Sign your lease online: in addition to the monthly rent, you must pay an entrance fee and make a deposit.

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