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The cockroaches, also called cockroaches, are very resistant pests that tend to multiply at high speed. Attracted by food residues, they can choose to live in homes. In this case, we must quickly take action to successfully get rid of it.

Fight cockroaches.

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How to get rid of cockroaches?

Techniques to get rid of cockroaches

Able to adapt very easily to its environment and the obstacles it encounters, the cockroach is not easy to eradicate. Better to act in prevention and not let this junk settle. Or, if he is already there, react with the adapted products.

Preventive measures

A few simple actions can prevent the invasion of cockroaches or any recurrence if there has already been invasion.

  • The cockroach appreciates the darkness and is easily hidden in the cracks and nooks of homes. We must therefore think about:
    • fill in the cracks to make his home completely airtight. Cockroaches will no longer have hiding places or laying places;
    • slide in these cracks first preventive pitfalls in the form of insecticidal gels;
    • remove all plant waste from the house from the garden (piles of wood, piles of leaves and chips...).
  • Lock in hermetic containers all foods and do not leave them lying on the worktop or in the sink.
  • Stalking areas of moisture possible and repair leaks.
  • Clean regularly the house and especially the kitchen, ideal room because food place.
  • Taking out the trash often.

To remember: Roaches need water and food (whatever it is) to survive, the main thing is to cut the food!

In case of obvious presence cockroaches, it is strongly recommended to to warn his neighbors, the trustee of his co-ownership if you live in an apartment, or even the health service of the town hall. Indeed, this pest will not only proliferate in one dwelling, but will continue to expand slowly but surely.

Methods to kill cockroaches

In case of invasion, there are 3 types of products to overcome roaches.

  • Bait: there are several types, to buy already ready in the trade or to manufacture oneself (bait = 1 measure of boric acid + 1 measure of white flour + 1 measure of white powdered sugar)
  • The trapsThere are the traps of commerce and home-made ones like the glass jar filled with water or the bottle cut in half and the top upside down with soapy water at the bottom. Traps can catch a few cockroaches, but they will not solve the problem of an entire colony.
  • InsecticidesThere are several types of insecticide products to control cockroaches, such as homemade soap and water spray directly on commercial insects or spray insecticides to be deposited in areas of passage (cracks, walls, ventilation ducts...).

Good to know: crushing (with his shoe for example) a female cockroach, can carry eggs, it is not certain that they will also have been eliminated (because they are protected by a thick film). It is therefore necessary to think carefully clean the bottom of the shoe or the utensil used to prevent the spread.

Find all the natural techniques against harmful insects in our files: Prevention and natural treatments against insects.

The cockroach and its operation

The cockroach has a very particular way of life. Knowing this one helps to fight the pest more effectively.

General presentation

  • The roach is also known as cockroach. These two appellations actually cover the same type of pest. These insects are considered undesirable because some species have a way of life closely related to the presence of humans, since they feed on the waste that these create.
  • Enormously large, roaches can measure between a few millimeters to 100 mm. Their bodies Oval shape is brown in color and is recognized by their long and thin antennas. Some species have wings and can fly.

The 2 most common types of cockroaches

We mostly find 2 species of cockroaches on our territory.

  • The German cockroach: brown, it is found in most homes and is attracted to settle by heat, humidity and dark corners,
  • The eastern cockroach: all black, she chooses rather cool places, like cellars and car parks, and likes the darkness.

Life Cycle and Cockroach Behavior

  • Some types of cockroaches date from the appearance of life on earth! They pass from the stage of the egg to the adult, passing by the nymph, in a more or less long development depending on the species (between a few months and a year). The female is able to lay between 12 and 25 eggs per ootheca (membrane that envelops each "batch" of eggs). Between them, they exchange pheromones and excrements that allow them to regroup and therefore develop more quickly.
  • Roaches are present all over the world. In fact, it is an insect that adapts well to a wide range of conditions. However, he prefers heat that emanate human habitations. he is also very attracted to food: omnivorous, he enjoys all the residues (crumbs, leftover food, fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, pet kibble...).

To noteSome areas are xylophagous, that is, they feed exclusively on the wood from which they extract the nutrients.

To learn more about insects that attack wood, refer to our "Insects xylophagous" folder.

What are the risks for humans?

The dangers of cockroaches for man are of several kinds.

  • The rapid multiplication: cockroaches adapt quickly to their environment and are content with the food they find.
  • Thestench they emerge, especially when they gather in colonies.
  • They are carriers and vectors of bacteria, viruses helping to make the habitat unhygienic.
  • They present a danger for allergy sufferers in which they trigger particular respiratory problems.

If the invasion becomes too important, it is recommended to use a pest control company.

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