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The house can be invaded by manycrawling insects, attracted by food residues, humidity, dark recesses, heat or the presence of man. They are more or less harmful and can be difficult to get rid of. Overview of these pests and the best ways to move them away from homes or eliminate them.

Fight against crawling insects

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What are the crawling insects present in the dwellings?

Insects of the house: creepers

When harmful insects intrude into homes, it can turn into invasion and nightmare. But what are the insects likely to come to harm the tranquility of man?

  • The woodlice.
  • Silver fish.
  • Small white beasts (or mites or flour mites).
  • Roaches (or roaches).
  • Ants who elect domicile in homes.
  • Bedbugs of 2 types:
    • Bedbugs ;
    • wood bugs.

The nuisance for man

Depending on the types of crawling insects that decide to take up residence in the houses, the nuisances are more or less serious. Here are the main ones that we can list.

  • Invading large numbers of unwanted hosts who will hide in the recesses of a dwelling.
  • Damage on food stocks, which are damaged and soiled. This is particularly the case with small white beasts, cockroaches and ants.
  • The difficulty in dislodging them once they are installed in the house (we think in particular of silver fish, very fast to sneak into skirting boards, or bed bugs, very tough).
  • Finally, some crawling insects attack humans! This is the case of the bedbug, which feeds on its blood and becomes a real plague on a daily basis.
  • The stains or diseases that these little animals can transmit.

How to get rid of crawling insects in the house?

As soon as the crawling insects occupy the dwellings, it is better to act quickly to avoid a greater invasion. But beforehand, some preventive actions can be useful to know.


The reasons why crawling insects decide to enter the houses are often the same from one type of insect to another, even if there are specificities. Knowing what attracts them makes it possible to set up adequate prevention systems.

  • The heatWhen winter comes, most crawling insects slow down and hibernate... unless they find a heated home!
  • Thehumidity: many harmful insects appreciate the wet areas of the houses (bathroom, kitchen, corners with water infiltration...). It is therefore important to take care to keep the whole house dry.
  • Thedarkness: many pests come out only at night and seek black to hide. It will not be possible to keep the light permanently in one's whole home, but one has to watch over the more neglected places where insect colonies might develop.
  • The presence of food: most crawling insects feed on crumbs, fruits or vegetables left in the open air, residue on dirty dishes lying in the sink... Storing dry, wet food in airtight containers is a reflex of hygiene to acquire quickly!
  • The presence of the man: it releases CO2 and a smell spotted by several insects. This attracts them, especially those who feed on blood to develop, such as bedbugs with very painful bite.

And, of course, a regular cleaning of the entire housing is a very good way not only to prevent the appearance of certain pests, but also to inspect the recesses to detect their possible presence and be able to act accordingly before the situation degenerates.


To get rid of the creeping pests, everything will depend on the type of insect that we have to deal with. Indeed, not all chemicals or natural remedies are effective against all insects. Knowing their habits will be a first weapon. Then it will be possible to choose from:

  • the insecticides adapted;
  • the repellents ;
  • the traps with bait ;
  • the more natural methods.

In the face of some pests or major invasions, the process of elimination will be longer, as with cockroaches or bed bugs. And the advice and intervention of a specialist in disinsection may prove unavoidable.
If in doubt about which products to use, it is advisable not to take any risk for your health and to ask for help.

To minimize the use of chemicals, natural solutions can also help. On this subject, consult our dedicated page: "Prevention and natural treatments against insects of the house".

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