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Your floors are colonized by unwanted guests? It is possible to get rid of it without using chemicals harmful to health and the environment. Discover in this article some excellent natural remedies to fight against the invader.

Parquet chips are invasive insects that lay their eggs in warm, sheltered places such as floorboards, carpet fibers or baskets. They are indissociable from the "hosts" that allow them to live: animals and... humans. They bite and carry disease, so it's better to get rid of it quickly. The first thing to do is to treat your animals against fleas. Then you have to treat the interior of your habitat. Know that the use of industrial insecticides is not imperative: it is indeed possible to use natural techniques. Here are some of them:

The water trap

For the realization of this trap you will need a hollow cup, water, a candle (type flat heater) and detergent. The idea is to attract chips to a light source. Wait until night falls or close your shutters so that the room is plunged into darkness. Place the lit candle in the soup plate filled with water mixed with a few drops of detergent. Fleas will drown in the container. Repeat for 4 or 5 days to make sure you have eradicated the entire colony. Be attentive to the candle, do not leave it under any circumstances without supervision. Diatomaceous earth

It is commercially available as Kieselgur. This organic rock powder based on fossilized micro algae is an effective and recognized insecticide. This product is very easy to use, you just need to wear gloves to protect your hands, and spread it as is on infested areas. Leave overnight and vacuum the diatomaceous earth with a vacuum the next day.


This technique is considered very effective. Spread turpentine on your floor, pure or diluted in wax, emphasizing the grooves. To be sure to eradicate the whole colony you can pass a steam engine (at 60°) on your floor. Due to the strong smell the product releases, be sure to ventilate the room after use.

The lemon

Let macerate a slice of lemon in a bowl filled with water for a day. You can also boil some barks in water, if you are in a hurry. Get the lemon water and spray, spray the critical areas. Repeat at least once a week for a month.

The lavender / eucalyptus mixture

Mix 8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil with 5 tablespoons of lavender floral water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the areas to be treated: flooring, curtains, carpets, all coverings are suitable. For optimal use, do not hesitate to switch the surface to the 60° steam cleaner.

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