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You find clothes and other crumbled fabrics in your closets? You may be infested with mites, these small insects that eat away at the fibers of the tissues. You will have to act very quickly to avoid spreading too fast, so find out how to get rid of mites.

What are mites?

Moths are insects that look like a butterfly and that tackle clothing and other fabrics such as sheets, blankets, etc. But in reality, it is the larvae of moths that are the most formidable, since they use tissues to lodge and feed, which completely destroys the fiber. Note that mite infestation is very fast, since adult mites only live for 2 weeks, but each female lays an average of 50 to 100 eggs per spawn, which means that your cabinets can become infested with hundreds of eggs. mites in a few days. So you have to learn how to to detect their presence and act quickly so you do not see all your clothes, sheets and fabrics of all kinds completely ruined.

How to prevent infestation of mites?

First, note that it is possible to prevent the arrival of mites, by following these tips:

  • You should only put away clean clothes and sheets in your storage furniture;
  • You must regularly ventilate your storage unitsand take the time to jostle from time to time, such as moving the hangers;
  • Ideally, when you put away clothes that you will not wear any more of the season, lock them in Hermetic covers with mothproof essences such as lavender or cedar wood, or repellents;
  • Vacuum regularly your cupboards and cabinets.

Treatments to get rid of mites

To get rid of mites, you can set up several treatments:

  • You can install moth traps that prevent the reproduction of adults;
  • You can spray your clothes, sheets, blankets and other fabrics from repellents designed to eliminate moths, such as cedar wood chips, lavender sachets, mint bouquets, or cotton on which you will pour a few drops of cedar, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus or mint;
  • In the trade you will find mothproof products that you will find in the form of repellent sprays, papers to store between each garment, or in the form of a diffuser of perfume.

Note that it is still recommended to to call on professionals to get rid of the mites because they benefit from more powerful products and they will ensure that the infestation is over.

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