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All work generates rubble that needs to be evacuated. The demolition of a wall is no exception to the rule and some precautions must be taken to get rid of rubble from a construction site.

How to get rid of rubble from the demolition of a wall?

How to get rid of rubble from the demolition of a wall?

Solutions for evacuating rubble after demolition of a wall

Very often, doing work generates the production of waste, especially when it comes to demolishing a wall.
But before proceeding with the demolition of a wall, it is important to learn about the solutions that can evacuate the rubble.
In order to get rid of rubble resulting from the demolition of a wall, the following solutions exist:

  • the rubbish bags: the rubbish bags make it possible to collect the least bulky waste, in order to transport them to the dump site. There are several sizes, different materials, and equipped with various locking systems, to better meet all needs.
  • the skips: the buckets are used to store the largest rubbish. Their capacity is generally between 8 and 30 cubic meters. To choose a skip, you must first define the quantity and type of rubbish to be evacuated, as well as the space you have to store it.
  • rubble vacuum cleaners: the use of a rubble vacuum cleaner makes it possible to finalize the removal of the waste resulting from the demolition of a wall, such as pieces of plaster, bricks or blocks.

In addition, beware of toxic waste, such as paint, which requires the use of a tailor-made solution.

Cost of evacuation of rubble from site to dump

Depending on the solution chosen to get rid of the rubble resulting from the demolition of a wall, the cost of evacuation will not be substantially the same.
If you choose to collect and sort the rubble of the demolition site yourself, then take it to the dump, you will need to invest in bags designed for this purpose. The rubbish bags come in different forms and usually cost between 1 and 50 euros.

When the rubble to be evacuated is too bulky, it is better to rent a skip from a specialized company. The choice of a bucket is made according to the necessary capacity, expressed in cubic meters. To know that the price of renting a bucket can oscillate between 300 and 800 euros. To be able to store a construction site outside your property, in the street for example, you will need to obtain a permit from the town hall. Other rules must also be respected, especially regarding the space reserved for the passage of cars and pedestrians.

Finally, you also have the opportunity to rent a rubble vacuum, for a budget between 200 and 800 euros, depending on the model chosen and the rental period.

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