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The aged effect furniture is trendy and goes with a lot of decorative style. But how to give an aged effect to a raw, painted or varnished furniture? Learn how to prepare the support and how to achieve an aged effect for all your wooden furniture.

How to give an aged effect to a piece of furniture?

How to give an aged effect to a piece of furniture?

What types of furniture can we grow old?

The aged appearance of a piece of furniture may be sought after in certain decorating styles in order to give the piece of furniture a more authentic look. a sweet and romantic result. It usually involves aging wooden furniture, since the wood's veins are then apparent, and this gives them this aged effect. Note that it is possible to age furniture made from all the woods, although this operation is more appropriate for certain types of wood such as oak or pine, for example. As for the types of furniture, you can apply this style to all those who are wooden: tables, chairs, dressers, cabinets, consoles, extra furniture, not to mention the mirror frames.

Effect aged to a piece of furniture: prepare the support

To age a piece of wood furniture, you must first start with prepare the support:

  • Start with sand your wooden furniture if it is painted or varnished, for example with sandpaper, and then clean it with a dry cloth to remove dust residue. Then clean with soap and water and wait until the furniture is dry;
  • you will dye the wood using stain specifically designed for wood, then clean again with a cloth;
  • You will have to apply hyphenation then let dry 2 whole days;
  • Arm yourself with steel wool and rub the entire piece of furniture before removing the dust;
  • Apply wax specific.

Realize the aged effect to a piece of furniture

To get an accomplished aged look, you will now have to move on to the final realization:

  • Sand the wood always using sandpaper, then remove dust before cleaning with soap and water;
  • You will be able apply a paint undercoatpreferably white, and let the recommended time dry out;
  • You will then bring acrylic paint in the color you have chosen, and go through at least two layers before letting it dry;
  • You will then scratch the whole sandpaper to give the aged look;
  • Finally, you can ideally apply a layer of wax in order to refine the final result.

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