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Collage of a glass cloth on the ceiling

Applying a ceiling covering remains a difficult operation, mainly for reasons of holding the coating during installation. As a result, individuals prefer to move towards paintings, despite the necessary preparation work. In order to simplify the installation of ceiling cladding, high-performance special glues can be found on the market, which ensure the easy installation of glass sheets on the ceiling.
The main advantage of the glass fabric is to hide the small imperfections of a ceiling, and thus avoids any preparation before painting.

Necessary material

  • Meter, pencil
  • Rule
  • square
  • Cutter
  • Roller to paint
  • Brush to be rubbed
  • Palette to be rubbed
  • Notched spatula (1 mm)


  1. How to glue the ceiling?
  2. Lay the glass cloth

How to glue the ceiling?

Coat the roof with cracks on the ceiling.

Recoating with the coating of cracks on the ceiling

1. To properly paint an old ceiling, it must be prepared. This means cleaning it, opening cracks, removing non-adhering areas, resealing, sanding...
Very long operations, all in uncomfortable and tiring positions. The choice of flexible renovation coatings, whether it is canvas or glass veil brings a significant time saving, good durability, all with minimal effort.

Material needed to lay glass.

Material needed to lay the glass

2. Thanks to the "Special Ceilings" adhesives, upholstering only a ceiling becomes possible. The gain is also double, since one carries out in a single operation the various actions of restoration of the ceiling. He then has to paint it, as one would do with a new ceiling.

Spread the glue on the ceiling.

Spread the glue on the ceiling

3. Begin the work by spreading the glue with a new paint roller. If the glass fabric has reliefs, preferably use a toothed spatula equipped with teeth of 1 mm. Hold the dimension perpendicular to the window to avoid shadows. The use of a stepladder also brings a little more comfort for this type of intervention. It is also useful to protect the hair by a cap.

Application of the glue.

Application of glue

4. As the glue works less easily than the paint, it must first be stirred before it can be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the ceiling, at least over the width of each roll of glass cloth, it is to say around a meter.

Lay the glass cloth

Laying the first lé.

Laying the first

1. When the ceiling is glued to a width corresponding to that of the first, present the end of the wall, so that it is about 5 cm above the wall. Then, lay the textile on the ceiling, with a brush or a plastic pallet. Cut the pieces 10 cm longer than the ceiling.

Laying a tapestry on the ceiling.

Laying a tapestry on the ceiling

2. Using an ordinary glue, the le would have already taken off at the end, and despite the help of a broom, we should have started the operation again.
Only solution in this case, to be assisted by another person, to avoid tearing the paper and without nervousness.

Marouflage the canvas.

Marouflage the canvas

3. The powerful formula of the "Special Ceilings" adhesives allows an immediate maintenance of the glass fabric, as soon as it is resting on the already glued surface of the ceiling. The help of a third person is no longer necessary; it is enough to lay the canvas, to stretch it and to rub it.

Araser at the junction with the ceiling.

Araser at the junction with the ceiling

4. Then marouflage the le over its entire length, so that it no longer has any crease. With the aid of a cutter blade and the palette to be marbled, we can then strike each end folded on the wall at the junction with the ceiling. It is now possible to consider gluing the ceiling to install the second, and so on.


Product "Take off Glass Canvas"

5. If a glass sheet must be placed in place, whether painted or not, use the special "Glass Canvas Take-off" product.
This product should be applied generously by roller on the canvas. It is then necessary to wait three quarters of an hour, then to take off the fabric which has been softened by the product. Use gloves to make it easier to take off the canvas.

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