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I bought a two-storey house that is 9 or 10 years old. Can I improve the insulation of the attic, especially at the top of the room by putting the glass wool (3 professional rollers (5000 x 1000 x 50) that I was given, over the existing insulation (wool blown will I really feel a difference, because this summer, it was 29° in the room?

You can improve thermal insulation winter of your attic, by unrolling a little more glass wool existing insulation, although it is preferable toadd a layer of loose insulation similar to the one already in place. To hope for maximum efficiency, make sure you grout the rollers between them, and to accurately process all the cuts.
In increasing the thickness of insulation you will improve a little summer comfort and delay the arrival of heat in the rooms. Nevertheless, in case of prolonged heat wave, overheating in the rooms will eventually occur. For a significant result, the insulation should be replaced by a product with a better phase shift (wood wool, for example).

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