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How to improve sound insulation against street noise?

I live in Toulouse in a street that generates a significant traffic, especially in the early morning and between 15h and 17h. There is a crossing at 20 m. French windows are triple glazed. Despite this carpentry we hear the sound of vehicles. I would like to have your opinion. Attached are the documents of the carpentry range. Thank you for your answer and for your broadcasts.

Triple glazing is not, in itself, the best acoustic solution. Very thick windows or asymmetric double glazing offer much better performance in this area. Nevertheless, it is not normal that a joinery equipped with a triple glazing leaves so much "to pass" the noises of the street. In the characteristics communicated, there is no mention of the ACOTHERM AC classification which defines the acoustic performance level, which ranges from AC1 to AC4 (very noisy environment). The CEKAL certification also ranks this performance from AR1 to AR 6 (very noisy environment).
In acoustics, the performance of a carpentry can be greatly degraded by mounting errors, particularly at the connection with the masonry. If the acoustic continuity is not or poorly assured at this level, "phonetic bridges" occur and reduce the theoretical performance. It is also necessary to check the quality of the connections between the opening and the fixed part, to check that all the joints are present and in their place.

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