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In this article you will learn how to install a spa at home, indoors and outdoors. - skynesher

Do you want to enjoy your garden by basking in the bubbles? Or simply finish a smooth evening after hard work? In this article, we explain everything about installing a spa at home! Outdoor, indoor, spa kit or inflatable, here is the essential to know.

Precautions to take

Before you want to install a spa at home, think about where you will spend it. We recommend the ground floor, or even the basement, as it is a substantial and heavy installation. Indeed, it is good to know that a filled spa can reach the weight of 2 tons, without taking into account the weight of future occupants. Your floor must be checked and evaluated by a professional. It is possible that it requires reinforcement. Once you know which room your spa will be in, you need to pay attention to several things: the floor, the walls and ventilation. As for the floor, it must be slip-resistant and waterproof. The walls, meanwhile, must accommodate a moisture-proof coating. For aeration, this one is essential! Without it, say hello to mold, moisture and the degradation of your walls.

Choose your spa

The choice of spa that you will make depends on your budget, your skills in DIY or even plumbing and electricity, and your sensitivity to sustainable materials or not.
The spa kit is ideal for small budgets. If you are not a big handyman, you have also come across the right model! Knowing that it is prefabricated, you only have to mount it yourself afterwards. This spa exists in wood or synthetic and can be moved. For electrical connections, however, the intervention of a professional is welcome.
The hot tub is available in portable version or inflatable version. In the first case, you can find synthetic or wood, preferably, while in the second case, it exists only synthetic. The portable spa is the most sold spa to individuals and for good reason, it is easily installable and is guaranteed in time. The connection to water and electricity is the only task you have to complete. Conversely, the inflatable spa is the most fragile of all. While easy to install and inexpensive, it will not last as long as more resistant models.
Finally, for the built-in spa, plan a budget and substantial work. This is the most aesthetic spa because it integrates with the structure of your room. Indeed, it can be semi-recessed or totally embedded in the ground. Because of its materials, it will last you a long time. Its price is also explained by the possibility of being fully customizable. However, do not expect to install it alone if you do not have advanced knowledge of plumbing, masonry and electricity.

The budget to devote

This is very variable depending on the materials used and therefore their strength. For the cheapest spa of all, namely the inflatable spa, you can find from 400 euros. To get a spa kit, count at least 500 euros, but the price will increase depending on the options you want to add. Regarding the portable spa, the price range is wide. However, do not expect to find below 4,000 euros. Also know that the price can go up to 14,000 euros. For larger budgets wanting to have a built-in spa, the average price is 15,000 euros. This is only indicative because for a customization, it will take much more.

Where to install it

You can install your spa indoors or outdoors. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options. An indoor spa will be available year-round, but you will not enjoy a pleasant view. On the contrary, putting your spa in your garden will allow total relaxation, provided you are not exposed to the eyes of your neighbors! In this case, a garden shed or spa shelter is ideal. Do not forget to place it on a flat surface.

How to install it

Some spas do not need to go through a professional like spa kit. Follow the instructions! You may need help with electrical connections. For the spas to ask, namely the portable spa and the inflatable spa, their installation is easy. For the first, you only have to connect it to the mains and to the water supply. For the inflatable spa, just - as its name suggests - fill it with air using a pump or compressor. However, for the built-in spa, a professional is essential for plumbing, masonry and electrical work. Let the pros do it!

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