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Bring your outdoor garlands, a ladder, a fastening system, a hammer and extension cords (also outdoor)... you're ready! Discover in this article how to install light garlands on a house.

Outdoor light garlands: electrical installation

1. Before starting your installation (and even buying your garlands) think about define the cable lengths electric that you will need.

2. When choosing your lights, do not hesitate to favor those with LED bulbs or powered by solar energy. They will have the advantage of limiting your electricity consumption.

3. Since your garlands of light will be installed outdoors, it is imperative to protect the connections and connections of the installation against the weather. To do this, use at least one plastic bag or design a rigid tunnel.

WarningMost garlands are wired. So be careful not to overload your outlets and power strips. Otherwise, you risk an overvoltage causing your general electrical system to trip. It is also recommended here to use multi-socket fuse.

To note: Any electrical manipulation can be dangerous. Do not hesitate to multiply the precautions. A few weeks of Christmas it would be a shame to risk electrocution.

Install light garlands on a house

The garlands of light have a priori decorative function during the holiday season and are not intended to remain fixed on your house throughout the year. Also, it is better to avoid drilling the front of your home to install them.

Extremely resistant and very discreet, the transparent fishing line is perfectly adapted to this type of situation. Two solutions are available to fix your garland using a fishing nylon:
1. use each relief of your facade (fastenings of the shutters, cornices and projections...);
2. place the fasteners of your garlands on the gutter of the house.
But nothing prevents you from using both options simultaneously.

To note: caution is still needed here because you will have to climb on a ladder to fix your illuminations.

Warning: remember to put out your garlands at night so that their light does not disturb your sleep or that of your neighborhood.

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