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Remote controlled electric heaters reduce the heating bill. Amortized over 3 to 4 years, they provide the best comfort when the housing is well insulated.

Remote control radiator

Difficulty: 2/4
Cost: 1357 € (for the installed model) + 200 € the connection module (Cozytouch bridge)
Time: 1 hour (excluding preparation and finishing)
Equipment: meter, pencil, spirit level, pliers, screwdriver and insulated electrician pliers, perforator, screwdriver Supplies: 2000W radiator, connection module, wire exit plate, expansion metal dowels

When you heat your home with electric heaters, it is better to be equipped with powerful devices to minimize the impact on your bill. The new generation of radiators with inertia (here the model Ecuador 3 of Thermor) has a remote control which makes evolve the electric heating for a consumption at the fair one.

A "smart" radiator

As soon as it is activated, the front of the radiator heats up immediately while its cast iron body accumulates heat to restore it after extinction. Thanks to its presence detector, it learns and memorizes the pace of life of the occupants and adapts to their hours of presence in the dwelling. In their absence, he goes into economic mode. It measures and memorizes the temperature rise time to anticipate the heating up before the return of the occupants. Equipped with a sensor "open window", it goes into "frost free" mode, the time required for ventilation of the room.

Manage your optional remote heater

Remote controlled radiator from his smartphone

To manage the unexpected, it is also possible to remote control these radiators, connected to the Internet thanks to a connection module (a bridge), via a free application downloadable on a smartphone or tablet. The bridge, connected to the Internet box, communicates with the radiator in Wi-Fi mode. The application supports several connected radiators of the same type and offers a simple and fast adjustment of temperatures, room by room. It also allows to visualize and optimize in real time the energy consumption

Fixing the support for the radiator

Remove the fasteners from the old radiator

  • Unlock the fasteners of the old radiator and remove it from its support.
  • Using a screwdriver, open the electrical connection box.

Handyman's tip

Install a domino temporarily

  • If the electrical connection is difficult to remove, to remove the cable through the wall bracket, cut it to the cutter.
  • Temporarily place a domino on hold after stripping the wires.

Put the radiator support blank

  • Present the support on the wall blank. Here, a profile is added for angle installation.
  • Check plumb with the spirit level, then mark in pencil the marks of drilling.

Drill the wall

  • With a drill or drill equipped with a drill bit, drill according to the marks.


  • Anklet (here metallic ankle expansion in a doubling plasterboard).

Fix the radiator support

  • Remove the screws from the metal dowels and place the bracket.
  • Fix it and adjust if necessary with the help of the level before complete tightening.

Radiator connection

Install the radiator

  • Put the radiator on its wall bracket and lock its fasteners.
  • Check horizontality on the spirit level.

electrical installation for heating

  • Unscrew the wire outlet and remove the old power cable.
  • On the domino of the wall box, connect the new cable and close it by screwing the wire exit.

Connect the bridge

  • Connect the connection module (optional Cozytouch bridge) to an electrical outlet, then connect its RJ45 connection to the Internet box.

Set your heating

  • Download the application Cozytouch (free on the manufacturer's website) and install it on smartphone or tablet.
  • Set the radiator to control it remotely.

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