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The installation and installation of a range hood are different according to the exhaust of the hood: external evacuation (or extractor hood) or internal filtration system (or recycling hood). The recycling hood filters and purifies the air and redistributes it into the room. The extractor hood is more difficult to install because it requires an external evacuation.

How to install a kitchen hood?

How to install a kitchen hood?

If you are not a handyman and you absolutely want to avoid mistakes, it is recommended to to call in a cook for the installation of your kitchen hood.

The tools needed for installation

In addition to the range hood and a male plug, you will need:

  • What to measure and trace the location of the hood: pencil, meter, spirit level
  • Phillips screwdriver and electrician's screwdriver
  • From a drill
  • From a step ladder
  • Ventilation duct and hose clamps for an outdoor exhaust hood

The cook takes care of the entire installation of the hood: the installation, fixing and electrical connection, the creation of the exhaust duct (in the case of an extractor hood.

Preparing the installation of the kitchen hood

Good preparation is the key to a good pose!
Start by carefully delineating the location of the range hood on the wall or ceiling, following the hood model chosen as well as the height recommended by the manufacturer. It depends on the type of plate or cooktop of the kitchen: 60 cm for an induction hob and 70 cm for a gas table or mixed. For the electrical installation, the line must have 3 conductors and be protected by a 10 A circuit breaker.

In the case of an extractor hood, check or create the connection to the exhaust vent. Under no circumstances should the hood be connected to the VMC. Also check the diameter of the ducts and ducts: they must fit the hood outlet for a efficient draw. The suction outlet should be installed near the exhaust duct and the ducts should not form any bends to maximize the efficiency of the range hood.

The installation of the kitchen hood

For a recycling hoodthere is no need for external evacuation. Here are the steps of the pose:

1. Install the range hood at the chosen location.

2. Connect the power cable to the plug: the blue wire is the neutral, the red wire is the phase. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper connection.

3. Plug in the hood for testing.

For an extractor hoodthe hood must be connected to the exhaust duct. That is why it is recommended to call on a cook who will take care of the installation of your kitchen hood.

Here are the steps of the pose:

1. It is necessary to respect the 2 preceding stages of laying.

2. Install the exhaust duct: place a hose clamp at each end of the duct, at the outlet of the hood and at the wall outlet to ensure duct sealing.

3. Plug in the hood for testing.

Video Instruction: Wall Mount Range Hood Installation