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The Detector and Independent Alarm Smoke (DAAF), more commonly called smoke detector, is a useful and mandatory accessory to warn you in case of fire and ensure your safety. Easy to install, it is necessary above all, to choose a conformal model and to know what is the ideal location.

How to install a smoke detector (DAAF)?

How to install a smoke detector (DAAF)?

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Know first and foremost that all residential spaces should be equipped with a front smoke detector March 9, 2015. Faced with the difficulty of manufacturers to meet the strong demand in early 2015, the law has slightly relaxed. Consumers will have to buy or sign a purchase contract for a smoke detector before March 9, 2015, but will have until December 2015 to install it. Once installed, the smoke detector should be serviced regularly to ensure its smooth operation in case of fire. To avoid any malfunction or premature failure, choose a smoke detector that complies with the technical standards imposed by the European Union.

Where to install a smoke detector?

It's important to choose the location your smoke detector to work properly. Do not install it in a bathroom or kitchen and avoid rooms where the temperature is below 4° C or above 40° C. Avoid also places with little or too much ventilation and difficult access so as not to interfere with its maintenance. The ideal location is the ceiling in the center of the room at least 10 cm from any obstacle. Also remember to avoid angles. If you own a multi-level home, install a smoke detector on every floor, including the basement. prefer laying on the stairs which leads upstairs for example or near the rooms to be notified in the middle of the night in case of fire. If you have a chimney in your room, it is recommended to install a smoke detector for more security.

How to install a smoke detector?

Installing a smoke detector is very simple. Simply remove the mounting bracket from the detector and place it in the intended location. Mark with a pencil where you want to make the fixing holes. Drill and secure the bracket with dowels and screws. Install the battery (s) in the detector and secure it to the bracket. Always perform a test by pressing the "TEST" button to see if the detector is working properly. A light indicates that the detector is working and a beep indicates when the batteries are good to change.

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